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Roddy Maclean
Mon 24 Nov 2014Link

Hi, I have just joined the forum and look forward to interacting with the community.

I love documentary-making and have just had my third broadcast on BBC Alba, Gaelic Channel. It is about the  variety of views which exist on the topic of the afterlife:


John Burgan
Mon 24 Nov 2014Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Roddy, will check out The Afterlife. That's a beautiful part of the world you're living in.

Jesse Prasad
Mon 24 Nov 2014Link

Hi there, Im Jesse, an executive producer at CARBIDE.TV. We are currenly working on a docu-series called Why Factories Shutdown. It takes a look at the decisions made to shutdown a factory. It takes an in depth look at how globalization benefits developing nations while it destroys the domestic market. This documentary will give you a better understanding of the decisions made in the boardroom, and the lives of the people affected. We have currently released 6 parts, released part 6 on Nov 21, 2014. We were to able to speak to many professionals on each topic discussed in each part. We are currently looking for some feedback, critisim, pointers etc... Here are the links to each Part:

Our Kickstarter Trailer -

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Part 5 -

Part 6 -

Again, any activity, comments or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Jesse Prasad

Executive Producer


Doug Block
Mon 24 Nov 2014Link

Hey, welcome, Jesse.  Great project!  Please feel free to register for Professional status here, which would give you access to all 40+ discussion topics.

John Firak
Mon 24 Nov 2014Link

Hey folks, where's the best place to post on this site for a search for a co-producer? 

John Burgan
Mon 24 Nov 2014Link

Either Professional Classifieds and/or Public Classifieds (the one exception to the rule on double posting at The D-Word)

Egons Upitis
Wed 3 Dec 2014Link

What a hidden gem)

Thanks for letting me in.

/// A Latvian Documentalist.

Tim Cowley
Wed 3 Dec 2014Link

Hi all! Am an American living in Malawi and Mozambique since 2003. Currently working towards a Masters in Digital Storytelling and as part of that training am excited to produce a documentary in Mandimba, Mozambique focusing on access to healthcare for my local Yao friends and how/why my friends choose traditional African healing vs. western models.

Been doing documentary photography and ethnographic work over the years. (See the I Am Yawo Project as part of that). Happy to connect with others here through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Niam Itani
Wed 3 Dec 2014Link

Welcome, Egons & Tim! Glad to have so much diversity.

Tim Cowley
Wed 3 Dec 2014Link

 In reply to Niam Itani's post on Wed 3 Dec 2014: Thanks Niam. Appreciate it.

Doug Block
Thu 4 Dec 2014Link

In reply to Egons Upitis's post on Wed 3 Dec 2014:

As of today, 11,367 registered members from 127 countries, so not all that hidden.  But thanks.

Lisa D'Apolito
Mon 8 Dec 2014Link

HI, I have  spent the last wek reading all the crowdfunding advise on the D-word and it has been great.  Today, I launched my indiegogo campaign LOVE Gilda- the Legacy of Gilda Radner.  A story of how  one beloved comidienne became an inspiration for those  touched by cancer.  Here is the campaign.

I don't know if this is the right place to psot the campaign.  But I am happy to be part of this group!

Lisa D'Apolito
Mon 8 Dec 2014Link

Also, now that my campaign is up.  I am gettinga lot of emails from people and companies that claim they can get you more campaign reach.  Are any of them worth it?


Erica Ginsberg
Mon 8 Dec 2014Link

Lisa, welcome to The D-Word but let's continue any discussions of Crowdfunding in the Crowdfunding topic. This topic is just to introduce yourself.

Robert Burns
Tue 9 Dec 2014Link

Ey Up Mi Ducks!

Documentary filmmaker all the way from the Potteries here.

I love modern punk music & Stoke City FC

Lisa D'Apolito
Tue 9 Dec 2014Link

In reply to Erica Ginsberg's post on Mon 8 Dec 2014:  Thanks Erica!  I will do to the  discussions in Crowdfunding

Brigitte muir
Tue 9 Dec 2014Link

Hello people,

seven years ago, I started filming beyond the smile, In a small village in nepal. I am now busy putting together a first cut, working on my own in a small town in country Australia. This is quite daunting and I also have footage relevant to the story to add to it, from my years as a high altitude mountaineer... It feels good to reach out! More info on what I am doing at for those who want to know more :-)

i m basically hoping for moral and practical support on teasing the story out of soo much footage! 

Thank you for this website! 

Cheers, b.

John Taylor
Wed 10 Dec 2014Link

Hi everyone!! I am currently working on a documentary about Ukraine and am looking for some tips on finding a decent sales agent. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!

Alexander Hyde
Thu 11 Dec 2014Link

Hi Everyone,

Finally managed to sign up, after hearing from all sorts of people how great this community is!

I've been working in various roles on feature and TV docs for the past 2 years (archival, researcher, AC) while living in NYC.

I moved back to the UK a couple of months ago and am now trying to figure out the doc scene over here. I'm currently working as an AP/post-production coordinator on a doc about the 2003 anti-war movement and am hoping to learn lots more about all the boring necessary parts of making docs like legal and marketing...

I'm also currently putting together a pitch reel for my first self-directed feature doc - exciting stuff!


Natasha Mottola
Fri 12 Dec 2014Link

Good to see you on the D-Word Alf. Enjoy!

Doug Block
Fri 12 Dec 2014Link

Brigette, John and Alexander, a warm welcome to The D-Word!

Coleman Gladis
2 days agoLink

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here, and very happy to be amongst a community of filmmakers that support one another.

Cheers! And looking forward to getting to know many of you.


dragos ionescu
2 days agoLink

hello everyone,

i am dragos,a hitchhiker traveler living in amsterdam for the moment who came with the idea to make a one year trip from northern europe to balkans via middle east and till the caucas.

i came here as i wish to document my trip(i see it as a pity that so many adventurous trips people have/had are not properly documented..)

i am totally new to this thingy and want to learn more what i have to know and do about my project.i plan to start my trip in a year and a half,in like may 2016.



Niam Itani
2 days agoLink

Welcome, Coleman & Dragis! Glad to have you on The D-Word.

Gary Kennedy
1 day agoLink

Hello everyone! I'm Gary from Central Florida. I love many genres of film but Documentary holds a special place. I'm gathering ideas now for some possible short subjects that I can get my feet wet with. Just a little 2-5 minute film.

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