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Avatar_17f889c2a71a_64 Distrify and The D-Word announce strategic partnership

Members of The D-Word documentary community can now "sell movies socially" with Distrify. The Distrify player can easily be embedded in film profiles and postings on The D-Word.

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Peter Gerard
Fri 25 Nov 2011Link

The D-Word was mentioned on the front page of IDFA daily on saturday...

David Herman
Fri 25 Nov 2011Link

which saturday?

David Weissman
Sat 5 Jan 2013Link

Wow, I was completely unaware of this collaboration until just now!

Matt Dubuque
Mon 14 Jan 2013Link

Yes indeed, myself as well.

Have there been new developments since November 28, 2011 that I might want to learn about?

Ben Kempas
Wed 16 Jan 2013Link

Yes indeed, we have something pretty cool to announce very soon. Stay tuned!

Matt Dubuque
Wed 16 Jan 2013Link

Thanks Ben, will do, I'll check this channel regularly!

Peter Gerard
Wed 16 Jan 2013Link

Yes, excited to get that announced!

Malkia K. Lydia
Fri 18 Jan 2013Link

I finally read through this topic and the various Distrify examples and links. This looks great. I am very interested in hearing the new announcement. I also would like to hear what has developed for offering free screenings via Distrify. Earlier posters talked about their willingness to pay the associated costs if they offered streaming free to select viewers. I wonder if free viewings could be available on a wider basis via Distrify – say I want to have some free titles on my site, using the same platform and interface as my pay titles. Is there a way to price that type of service where it makes sense for the filmmaker and for Distrify?

Peter Gerard
Sat 19 Jan 2013Link

We have a system in the works for sending out free preview screeners (for festival programmers, reviewers, etc.). We also have an option where you can allow people to view for free if they sign up to your mailing list. The final pricing for these is being worked out and we anticipate launching these products soon, but if you want early access, just let us know.

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