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Avatar_17f889c2a71a_64 Distrify and The D-Word announce strategic partnership

Members of The D-Word documentary community can now "sell movies socially" with Distrify. The Distrify player can easily be embedded in film profiles and postings on The D-Word. Further measures are planned to promote members' films to a wider public.

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Ethan Isenberg
Tue 22 Nov 2011Link

The reason I would embed YouTube on my own site is that I'm assuming that most viewers would watch it without clicking through to YouTube. Then, if they choose to purchase the $25 DVD, it's natural to follow the buy link on my site, which will direct them to Paypal and net me $23.98. If, on the other hand, there is a buy link in the trailer itself, they will just as likely click on that, and their purchase through Distrify will only net me $17.50.

Encountering the trailer on Facebook, a blog, or some other site, is naturally a different situation.

Regarding ZashPay, is the $1 fee their 75¢ fee + 25¢ to Distrify?

It would be good if there was a more obvious link to the filmmaker's site in the app. Many buyers want to learn more about the film beyond the trailer before purchasing. Doing a Google search for the title is one more step that may be considered to be not worth their while in the midst of a busy day. The fact that the share link brings them to my site would not help in such a case.

Jon Braeley
Wed 23 Nov 2011Link

Well selling DVD's through Distrify is the wrong approach to me. Distrify is for instant gratification – stream now... watch now! I sell DVDs direct from my website and process credit cards in the site without leaving but DVD sales have plunged – in the last year over 40% from my site. We have cut the price 3 times and offered free shipping on my ten titles. Same with our Amazon sales – so It's across the board.
So we just moved to the streaming method and the ability to get the movie player and payment method on other websites and social networks.... thats where Distrify comes in – not with DVD's.

Peter Gerard
Wed 23 Nov 2011Link

My bank charges $1 for ZashPay. We have no hidden fees. It's complicated for us to do US bank transfers, and I'm always trying to find the cheapest way to do this so you get the most money possible. If you know of a better transfer solution, please tell me.

I agree with Jon, DVDs are slowly on their way out. We of course support all merchandise so you can continue to provide options for different tastes.

David Herman
Wed 23 Nov 2011Link

Chocolate cake?

Doug Block
Wed 23 Nov 2011Link

Sex toys?

Ethan Isenberg
Wed 23 Nov 2011Link

Congrats, btw, on the deal with Film Transit. I take it that they have exclusive digital rights to the films that they are putting up. Otherwise, one would think that the filmmakers would prefer to do it themselves, rather than having to split the money with a distributor. After all, that's the model that you're pushing.

This may be a better question for the streaming topic, but with the rising popularity of streaming/downloading, do you find that most people are watching the films on their laptops, tablets, and phones? I'm in the minority of people that have a dedicated home theater PC hooked up to my plasma TV (and both my TV and blu-ray player connect to certain streaming services), so I always try to watch films on the TV. I have a sense that most people don't connect their laptop to the TV either. That means that even if they have Apple TV or the Roku box, they won't be watching content from providers like Distrify on their TV.

Peter Gerard
Thu 24 Nov 2011Link

David and Doug, sounds like you two need to have a date here

Some filmmakers prefer DIY, others do not. With Films Transit we are setting up a model that should be the best of both worlds.

We do have some people watching Distrify films on their Apple TV and others using other boxes. You're right that most people do not have their TVs connected to their PCs, and it's also true that most people who have bought TVs with built-in wifi/internet don't actually use it. For streaming, most people are using their PC or laptop. For downloads we don't know. Also, tablets are certainly more popular for viewing than phones, but people discover trailers on their phones, since that's where a lot of Twitter/FB traffic comes from. So we suppor them all.

Jo-Anne Velin
Thu 24 Nov 2011Link

Peter, can you post the other announcement here yet? I read about it before boarding the train yesterday...

Ben Kempas
Thu 24 Nov 2011Link

This one?

Feels like we were pioneers on The D-Word once again... but who gives us credit? :-)

Peter Gerard
Fri 25 Nov 2011Link

The D-Word was mentioned on the front page of IDFA daily on saturday...

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