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Help, Suggestions, Future of The D-Word

Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

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Bill Jackson
Fri 24 Sep 2010Link

Hi Ann. You can click on "My Profile" at the top of a page, then My Pictures, near the top of that page. From there you can upload an image to your profile. It will then appear in the little box to the left. If you upload multiple images, the one you Make Primary will appear.

Doug Block
Fri 24 Sep 2010Link

Ann, I guess we'll just have to change your status from Enthusiast to Narcisist.

Kidding ;-)

Robert Goodman
Thu 21 Oct 2010Link

where are the files located that people posted sample proposals etc? Dan was hosting them – did they go away?

Ethan Isenberg
Tue 26 Oct 2010Link

I've designated a different photo as the primary one, but it doesn't seem to be changing in my profile or posts. Is anyone else having this issue?

Ethan Isenberg
Tue 26 Oct 2010Link

Never mind. It took about 20 mins to take effect, but now it seems to be working.

Jo-Anne Velin
Tue 26 Oct 2010Link

Which one is you?

Ethan Isenberg
Wed 27 Oct 2010Link

It's my most successful production, to date!

James Longley
Thu 28 Oct 2010Link

That's a beautiful kid you have there, Ethan, even if he does look like he's about to throw a punch at the paparazzo.

John Burgan
Thu 28 Oct 2010Link

Co-production, surely, Ethan?

Ben Kempas
Sat 30 Oct 2010Link

Ethan – your browser had probably cached the old picture.

Robert – Do you mean Sean Adair's page which is still out there but hasn't been updated in 10 years?

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