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Doug Block
Mon 24 Mar 2008Link

Nicole, I see from your profile you helped Natalia Almada write a proposal that got her ITVS funding. Nice. Natalia's an old friend – be sure to say hi if you're still in touch. She's also a D-Word member who hardly ever posts, so nag her for me.

Glad to have you here as a member, too. Be sure to say howdy in the Introduce Yourself topic.

Joe Scherrman
Mon 24 Mar 2008Link

Hello Nicole and welcome.

I sent you an e-mail.

Lenville O'Donnell
Tue 25 Mar 2008Link

Looking for a NW based HDV Camera Operator to do 5-10 days of shoots (monthly) across the country. The shoots are boring and simple, seminars and green-screen standups. Non-doc, just commerce. And you get paid.

More info here:

Edited Tue 25 Mar 2008 by Lenville O'Donnell

Bill Buchanan
Thu 27 Mar 2008Link

Seeking experienced, professional grant writer in Dallas area with high success rate to help fund a major doc project. If interested please make contact asap. Thanks

Amelia Hanibelsz
Fri 28 Mar 2008Link

Hey thanks to all who sent Rome contacts etc- i will pass them onto my friend. I just got back from a week long shoot – so sorry for the delayed vote of thanks !!

If anyone needs sound in LA – drop me a line .

Jason Rosette
Fri 28 Mar 2008Link

Hey all--

Recently set up this portal to sell iPOD / portable-ready MP4s of my own titles BOOKWARS, SUSAN HERO, and others, and am now offering the platform to other filmmakers who may want to sell MP4 versions (non- DRM) of their work.

No guarantees re: revenue, but probably worth a try, especially for older releases that aren't well repped in the digital space.

  • I'm located in Asia –> Servers located in Florida
  • Buyers get secure link to download title to their desktop

(((Contact me at to discuss)))



John Burgan
Fri 28 Mar 2008Link

In reply to Bill Buchanan's post on Thu 27 Mar 2008 :

I've emailed you details of a D-Worder in TX who may be the right person for the job.

Le Sheng Liu
Fri 28 Mar 2008Link

Hi all, if any of you know a qualified individual who would be interested and available in helping out with film festival submissions and marketing for this feature documentary, please let me know!!!

A feature doc on five students at Crenshaw High School who express teen life in South Central LA through a mix of hip-hop and Shakesearean literature. Directed by Emmy Award-winner Michael King.

The producer/exec producer who has plenty of contacts and experience in the TV, music, and film business. You might work with me a bit if I stay with the project and/or if I end up training you.

Manage and update acct
Help maintain calendar of film fest dates, deadlines, fees
Submit/send films and fees to film festivals; meet deadlines
Communicate with film festivals to request deadline/submission fee waivers

This is the top priority but in the event that the film gets accepted to a fest, you'll need to help out with publicity work ranging from updating our Myspace and website to making calls to radio stations. Please contact me if you're interested or have more questions. We are looking for someone who is flexible and follows through with tasks. Help out with as much as you can, and whatever you can't do, let us know and we can work something out. I started with the internship not long ago and it has been a great experience. My availability has changed so I am looking for an assistant/replacement. Thanks!!


Le Sheng Liu
Fri 28 Mar 2008Link

or you can email me. Please do not merely reply as a post here as I don't check these forums daily. Thanks!!!

Ben Kempas
Sun 30 Mar 2008Link

Le, you can subscribe to email updates on single topics, so you don't need to log on here every day.

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