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Here's your chance to reach a broad public interested in documentaries. Get the (D-)Word out!

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Bill Kerrigan
Mon 20 Oct 2014Link

I'm selling my Sony NEX 7 for $800 Canadian or approx. $735 US, with buyer paying the shipping.

Edited Mon 20 Oct 2014 by Bill Kerrigan

Bill Kerrigan
Tue 21 Oct 2014Link

I'm selling my Sony NEX-FS700 (Body Only) for $4500 Canadian or approx. $3900 US, with the buyer paying for the shipping.

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Kristin Alexander
Wed 29 Oct 2014Link

Looking for nyc apartment jan-april. Or just Jan, and i will keep looking. Kalex(@)cape (dot) com
1-2 bedroom, midtown west to upper west side ideal. So would soho, bit happy with anything near subway.
Will consider house exchange on Cape Cod in winter, warm sunny with office no disractions...

Andy Schocken
Mon 3 Nov 2014Link

Looking for short term edit space in Brooklyn, 11/15-11/30. The ideal location wouldn't be too far from Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area, but we're open to other areas. Need room for two. Please contact me at aschocken (at) gmail.

goro toshima
Tue 4 Nov 2014Link


looking for edit/office space in los angeles:
eastside, preferably in atwater/frogtown/eagle rock area. but will def. consider other areas in e.side. if any leads, please get in touch:


Erica Ginsberg
Wed 5 Nov 2014Link

DC folks, check out these two upcoming programs:

Saturday, November 8 from 10-1 at Docs In Progress in Silver Spring
Have the legal issues on your film project got you wishing you had your own legal department? Anticipating legal challenges can mean the difference between a shelved project collecting dust and a successful film release. This half-day workshop with entertainment attorney Laura Possessky is designed to help you identify legal issues and develop a toolkit to navigate challenges as they arise. Participants engage in interactive discussions on business structures, production risks, rights clearances, distribution and best practices.
A few spots are still available. Find out more and register:

and, if Pat Aufderheide's recent D-Word special topic whet your appetite for some F2F discussion...

Monday, December 8, 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Interface Media in Washington DC
Fair use, the use of unlicensed material in documentary, has become a routine feature of documentary production; broadcasters and insurers are now accepting it as a matter of course. But documentarians now have new questions. When a broadcaster uses my doc to explain their news story, can they do that without paying me? When a media company tells me I have to get clearances for everything, how do I tell them the current realities? Just how risky is fair use these days? And who's got my back if I get a cease and desist letter?
More info at

Veena Rao
Wed 5 Nov 2014Link

Sony PMW-EX1 for sale – $1950 or best offer

This camera has served me well as a go to run and gun camera for documentary and event work. It is ergonomically well designed, built like a tank, and does great in low light. It's in very good condition and has 617 hours of time on it. It was serviced and tested by Technical Operations in midtown Manhattan last year, and has not been used since then.

Accessories Include:
BP-U60 Lithium-Ion Battery
BP U30 Lithium-Ion Battery
BC-UI Battery Charger
16 GB SxS Pro Memory Card
8 GB SxS Pro Memory Card
Petrol rain cover
Lowepro backpack (its compact and the camera and accessories fit in it perfectly)
Original manual

Pick up in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Email veen[dot]rao[at]gmail[dot]com

Here's the craigslist ad as well:

Edited Wed 5 Nov 2014 by Veena Rao

Donald Goldmacher
Fri 7 Nov 2014Link

does anybody know if there is a documentary out there about bus drivers? If so, please let me know at the following email address.

Thanks so much for your help.

Chris Lawes
Sat 8 Nov 2014Link

Donald, I haven't actually seen it but I've heard good things about La Camioneta:

Roberto S. Oregel
Mon 10 Nov 2014Link

Hello Everyone:

I'm currently working on a documentary that delves into the issues of obesity in the Latino and under-represented communities.

I'm looking for a great producer who can help me package the film and help find funding.
If you have grant writing experience and or know how to reach corporate funding that would
be awesome.

At the moment, I have a website and have shot some footage to show funders….
I'd like to find seed funding to get this project going!

If this is of interest, please see our website and contact me soon!
Thank you


ps…It would be great to find someone here in Los Angeles, but, I can work with anyone out state as well…...

Gregg Schwenk
Mon 10 Nov 2014Link


The NBFF Thanksgiving Special is almost over!

The 2015 Newport Beach Film Festival will spotlight over 350 films from over 50 different countries, including short and feature length narrative, documentary, animated and student films. In addition to film screenings, the Festival hosts premiere galas, question and answer sessions with filmmakers, and an industry seminar series whose past participants have included Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast), John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr. Banks), and Joe Walker (12 Years a Slave).



Enter your film now for the chance to be part of the 2015 Newport Beach Film Festival!

For more information, visit

Liz Cook
Wed 12 Nov 2014Link

Hi everyone! Liz from Kickstarter here.

We will be hosting a special screening of Rachel Beth Anderson's First to Fall followed by a panel discussion here at our offices Thursday, 11/13, and would like to extend the invite to anyone interested in joining us. Tickets are FREE but space is limited so be sure to RSVP to save your seat. Here are the detalis:

Rachel Beth Anderson's documentary, First to Fall, follows two friends who abandoned their peaceful lives in Canada to return to their home country of Libya to fight in the 2011 revolution. Following the screening, Andrew Glazer (senior producer at VICE News) will moderate a discussion about working in hostile environments and sharing stories outside of traditional media channels with:

Rachel Beth Anderson, Director of First to Fall

Tim Grucza, Co-Director of First to Fall; Cinematographer for Frontline

Ashley Gilbertson, National Magazine Award winner for Bedrooms of the Fallen

Glenna Gordon, Award winning photograher; WSJ coverage of the ebola outbreak.

We are proud to host these creators and hope you can join us for this special evening.

Screening will start at 7:15pm

You can rsvp HERE

See you tomorrow!


Kiley Kraskouskas
Wed 19 Nov 2014Link

Looking for documentary shooters for several cities, Friday, November 28th for an independent documentary.

In some cases it will be a full day and others a half day, we are still finalizing details.

Please email resume and work sample. Please only respond if you are definitely available the full day on the 28th.

Orlando, Florida
Los Angeles, California
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, Illinois
Denver, Colorado
Western Massachusetts
Washington, DC
Seattle, WA
Phoenix, AZ

Rate is $50 - $75/Hour


Brynmore Williams
Thu 20 Nov 2014Link

I'm available in Massachussets. 




Ellen Brodsky
6 days agoLink

In reply to Kiley Kraskouskas's post on Wed 19 Nov 2014: Brynmore is incredible!  I've worked with him and seen his films!


Jason Paden
2 days agoLink

(This might be a slight departure from the typical classified postings, but it may be important to you, none-the-less.)

Hi.  I'm Jason Paden and I am very excited to be here pitching a concept to you brilliant documentary Producers and Directors, who might be wondering what project to do next.  I think you might want to read this, despite the horrific subject I'm about to type below:

Mental Illness.

Yes, that's right... dreaded mental illness.  It's the heavy, scary and, pardon the redundant expression - depressing topic that hardly anyone wants to think about, much less deal with. Maybe it's because it feels so dark.  Maybe it just seems like such a hopeless problem and topic. Or maybe it's due to it actually being so darned close to home for so many people who might not have even realized just how close it actually is.

What am I talking about?

Well, did you know that the government now states on their website,, that 1 in 5 Americans are estimated to deal with mental illness in their lifetime?  That's a lot of people!

You may be surprised or you many now be skeptical.  After all, it may seem an unbelievably high number when you're out in stores, shopping malls and most public places that are teeming with people.  You may look around and say, "That statistic can't be right.  Most of these people around me look 'normal'.  I see very few who look like they are dealing with mental illness."

All I can say is that before I was WELL, looking normal and blending in was top on my priority list too!  The last thing I wanted, when I was NOT WELL, was to feel more vulnerable.  I wanted no one to know the truth that was whirling inside my sick brain - that I had major aspects of both Bipolar AND Schizophrenia.

So, to protect myself, I devoted tons of exhaustive energy to hiding my inner torment, to "pass as normal" as best I possibly could in social situations, so that no one would know.  That way, no one would pick me out from the crowd.  No one would have the chance to make fun of me and my serious mental illness. No one would call me crazy.  (This would have devastated me deeper.)  So I hid my personal mind horrors from everyone and I put on a smile when I wasn't "feeling it", or I withdrew completely when it got too bad from the public eye.  

You can imagine how hard school must have been - which was why I was the quiet, lonely kid who often stayed home sick and graduated early in my Junior year of high school.  I bet you realize that college was tough too, which was why it took almost 5 years to get my Associates Degree. You can imagine that work wasn't much easier and that would explain why I was unemployed and on Social Security Disability for almost 10 years.  I'm sure you can imagine that terrifying symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, phobias and paranoia - amongst many others features - were a part of my young adult life.  And if you guessed that eventually diagnoses, pills, therapies, doctors and a hospital stay in the psychiatric ward were a part of my story... then you'd be correct, too.

You probably know now that my life is pretty horrible, despicable and depressing today... BUT that's where I have to stop you.  In fact... that couldn't be further from the truth.

Yes, perhaps the past was a horrific experience for me and my childhood, but like all good adventure stories, it has a happy second part!  There is a far more important, larger, more extravagant, much more exciting "pay off" in the tale here.  It's huge in scope.  Yes, awful darkness and danger are in it, but now, triumphant, climactic joy is my theme.  Against the odds, I've found peace and health and this will undoubtedly relay to an audience who is thirsting for hope around mental illness and may be following this amazing journey on screen.  

By the way, this story is still unfolding and is far from done.  It could be just the beginning of this powerful adventure that I've found myself on.  The next chapter, is getting my message out.

So I am writing you filmmakers, today, to let you know, not just about my life long illness (no, that is sadly the common part)... but to show you the miraculous and "temporarily" rare second half of my story that I need help covering.  This journey has taken me from the dark of mental illness through the hope of mental health and, now, beyond!

I am Jason Paden, a new motivational speaker and developer of a new kind of project centered on Hope and Healing for us humans (It's in its infancy, but begging to be documented.)

I would like to show YOU - not only mental health... but the next potential chapter of the human brain - Mental Healthy, an exceptionally bright, happy, healed state of mind and being that I believe is possible for, perhaps, anyone.  I may be a bit of a pioneer here, but I don't own this state of mind.  I may have found a way to get here, but I personally believe it's possible for everyone, even the most seriously ill of the "1 in 5" who are in desperate need of mental health improvement today.  

My story, I'm trying to intrique you with, is simply far larger than anything I can now write in this classified.  You have to meet me to really know what I'm talking about.

So let's start a dialoque.  

See, I don't need much assistance in feeling well anymore.  No, now I need help of a different kind.  I think I need yours.  Help me create a beautifully packaged, cinematically documented message to put out there.  Help me help others to know that not only is mental health Recovery possible, but there is a much bigger, healthier, happier experience waiting on the other side for us as people.  

Mental Healthy, a new phrase and state of mind I've worked so hard to find, all these years... is real.  I'll show you.

Then, together, let's show the world.

Are you curious?  Do you want to know more about this and what's happening to me?  Are you ready to make a Documentary that could change lives... maybe even yours?  I am.  100%

Let's get this ball rolling.  Let's talk.  It's your turn now.  I'd love to hear from YOU!   :)


Email - Jase73(at)ymail(dot)com

Website -


And by the way, I live in Schoharie, which is in Upstate New York.

The photo I attached was taken while being interviewed by a local news broadcaster at one of my presentations, earlier this year.

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Hi there, Jesse here from CARBIDE.TV. Just wanted to share my so far 6 part docu-series with you guys. Looking for some activity and feedback. It seems that we have touched a topic that doesn't seem to get too much attention but is impacting our lives every day. 

Part 1 takes a look at the history and impact on society of manufacturing and factories; the wealth and opportunity, and an experts insighton the effects of globalization.

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Jesse again from CARBIDE.TV and Why Factories Shutdown.

Here is Part 2. In this part we discuss whether our factories where given away or taken away, and theories as to why they are vanishing' who is responsible? Labour regulations, stakeholders, short term profit, and corporate greed.

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Why Factotries Shutdown Part 3 looks at the top 10 reasons as to why factories are shutting down. Part 3 also discusses the factors of success/failure for a nation of manufacturing. And first time ever told "The Bite Maneuver"

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Why Factories Shutdown Part 4 looks at the impact of not having factories and manufacturing. Most importantly, Part 4 takes an in depth look at the role of governemnt and taxes and thier impact it has on manufacturing. 

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Why Factories Shutdown Part 5 is about debt load, where the world is investing/transfer of wealth, WW2 and capitalism.

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Why Factories Shutdown part 6 talks about the hiddden side of defense, ethics, the artificial arms race and where underdeveloped/developing nations get their money from and why weapons sales are increasing.

Jesse Prasad
2 days agoLink

Why Factories Shutdown has guest apperances from:

Roland - Former CGE Carboloy Division Employee

Professor Parveen Gill - PhD, CHRP, Business Management

Professor Graeme Simpson - BA, MA, CHRP, Human Resources

Dr. Bryan Poulin - Associate Professor

Dr. Peter Warrian - Former Cheif Economist of Ontario

Laura Moire Paglin
2 days agoLink

Er - isn't this section for posting want ads? Or for selling stuff? I guess I'll let the topic cops weigh in.

John Burgan
2 days agoLink

Yes - well as Jesse is a brand new member we can forgive his zeal (!) - it certainly clears up what he is working on!

Jesse, as you're now a Pro member you'll see that there are many more topics available to you. Have a browse around and get a feel of the place.

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