Nick Fitzhugh


Film Projects

  • Soccer City
    • Soccer City (2011)
    • Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Art Director
    • Life and soccer in township South Africa during the first ever FIFA World Cup in Africa.
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Public bio

My story is and always has been about storytelling. I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember. I’ve found them and invented them. Sometimes they’re words on a page, sometimes images and sometimes motion pictures. Sometimes they’re my own and sometimes I’m helping others to share theirs. As an undergraduate student at Brown University, I founded The Glimpse Foundation––a nonprofit company devoted to inspiring young people to care about the world by providing them with multimedia platforms to share their own stories from abroad. In 2007 it was acquired by the National Geographic Society and became National Geographic Glimpse, a division I ran with co-founder Kerala Taylor. After spinning out the division as a 501(c)3 nonprofit once again, we sold it to San Francisco, California based independent travel company Matador Network which continues to operate In the spring of 2010, I launched redfitz productions and turned my full-time attention to filmmaking as a director, producer, dp and writer. I also perform client work as a videographer, photographer, and graphic/web/identity designer. My focus, always, is to ensure that the material conveys a powerful, engaging story. Stories allow us to share and understand experiences which in turn enable us to overlook the differences between us and instead see commonalities. Stories allow us to understand one another and the world around us. At redfitz productions it is my goal to find the most powerful and transformative stories and and leverage some of the best creative talent to share them in ways that bring them to life for anyone courageous enough for the experience.