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Nick Higgins; Director of Photography Nick has spent the best part of the last three decades living everywhere except his Scottish birthplace. Highlights have been a half dozen years in Arabia, 4 in Hong Kong, 2 in Rio De Janeiro and a decade in LA/Joshua Tree. Nick has had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects with  Two time Academy Award Nominee Lucy Walker including THE CRASH REEL (Sundance 2013), THE LIONS MOUTH OPENS (Sundance 2014), COUNTDOWN TO ZERO (Sundance 2010). They have also collaborated on a series of short documentaries for Liberty Mutual and 8 docu-commercials for TARGET. Other notable collaborations include Bess Kargman's ballet documentary FIRST POSITION (TIFF 2011; IFC/Sundance Selects) and THE COACH (TriBeCa 2013). Nick has also shot on numerous projects with Academy Award Nominee Morgan Spurlock including COMICON (TIFF 2011) and A DAY IN THE LIFE. In addition to Independent feature documentaries Nick is a frequent DP on NAT GEO science shows and he's a founding member of THE DEPARTMENT OF EXPANSION. Reels online at and