Kathy Barbini


Public bio

BIG VOICE PICTURES produces documentaries giving voice to emerging and cutting edge social issues, with the intention of motivating discussion, effecting change, and offering tools for healing and transformative hope for individuals, families and communities. Kathy Barbini, founder of Big Voice Pictures, and producer/director, is an award-winning independent documentary and television producer focusing on social issues. Her films have been funded by leading foundations and distributed internationally. She is producer/director of Boys and Men Healing. Ms. Barbini's independent documentary, The Healing Years, broke ground in the field of women’s issues and child sexual abuse prevention. The film has been broadcast on PBS stations nationwide, screened in international film festivals and leading conferences worldwide, and has become an acclaimed film in the field of child sexual abuse prevention for training and education. Lifetime Television and The Times Square Project awarded Ms. Barbini, with recognition for helping end violence against women. Her films illustrate her commitment to bringing hope to challenging issues. Additional highlights include producing for The Discovery Channel's multi-award winning educational documentary series Assignment Discovery, an ACE-Award nominated special for MTV Networks about celebrities who donate their time to social causes, and co-producing for a prime-time Presidential election-eve special broadcast on ABC, NBC and CBS. She was also Project Director for HBO's national f screening tour of the Emmy Award-winning documentary Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam, organizing national screenings and fundraising to benefit the Vietnam Veterens of America. .