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Dword_avatar Randolfe Wicker


Public Bio

Name: Randy Wicker
Age: 71
I'm a transaged male (young man trapped in an old body) who has been a LGBT activist since 1958, sex freedom activist since 1962, anti-Vietnam-War button merchant (1965-1971), founder of LeMar (legalize marijuana) in1964, heavy drinker since 1982, world's first cloning activist since 1997, transgender fashion activist since 2007. Look up my uniquely spelled name "RANDOLFE" on google. I ran an Art Deco lighting shop in Greenwich Village from 1974 till 2003, have edited men's magazine & even got SCREW busted in the late 1960s. These days I work with video. Robert Frost wanted to die with "a little yellow pencil in his hand" & I plan to die with a video camera in mine. I'm crazy for JPOP music & groups like Arashi, NewS, Tackey , Kamenishi, Kis-My-Ft2, BoA, etc. I'm also an immortalist and a transhumanist...and I've just started really living..I named myself in 1967, going from Charlie Hayden to Randolfe Hayden Wicker. Was nearly elected President of Student Body at UT in 1960.

Occupation: professional writer, agitator, v...
Schools: U. of Texas, Austin, 1960, Charl...
Companies: Clone Rights United Front, Uplif...
Interests and Hobbies: shooting video, JPOP music, human cloning, science, non-fiction writing, C-Span Booknotes on Weekends, transgender fashion (enabling each person to be beautiful in the style of clothing & color of his/her/whatever choosing), helping immigrants & transgender people,fighting "to conquer the blight of involuntary death" (The Immortality Institute)
Movies and Shows: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Beautiful Boxer, Survivor, Chris Matthews Hardball,
Music: Happy music like JPOP, old Spanish Music, "musica romantica", 1980s music, 1960s folk, buble gum music,
Books: "The Riddle of Gender: Science, Activism, and Transgender Rights" by Deborah Rudacille; "Cloning After Dolly" by Gregory Pence; and the many books that say nice things about me :-)
Website: http://www.RandyWickerReporting.blogs...