Renee Fidz

Brooklyn, New York, United States


Renee graduated from Boston University's College of Communications with a concentration in film, with additional studies in language and literature. She has worked as a video editor and graphic designer in New York City, assisting on projects for companies such as Moving Theater, Surreel Pictures, and 2B Productions. Her last project involved editing and designing graphics for the documentary In the Name of their Mothers, which documents the story of Irena Sendler, a Polish WWII heroine. In addition to her work in documentary film and graphic design, Renee is active in animal rescue. Her last animal adoption involved taking home a loveable mutt and a victim of home foreclosure in Bedford Stuyvestant, Brooklyn and finding an adoptive family in Washington State. She also enjoys cooking, assembling found footage films, and is planning a trip to visit religious sites all over the world.