Shlomo Hazan

Raanana, Israel


Independent director, editor, producer. Documentary: "Film Fanatic" - (director, producer, cameraman and co-musician) Israel Channel 10 "Dying of Jealousy" - (director, editor) Israel Cable Channel 3 "Beacon Lighters" - 54 short docs about Holocaust survivors - (director, producer, editor) Made for the Holocaust Remembrance Seremony in the last 9 years (Broadcast simultaneously on the 3 main channels of Israel) TV drama series and dramas (director and editor): "Fool's Gold" - 21 parts, Israel Channel 2 "Salt of the Earth" - Israel Cable Channel 3 "The Key" - short drama (Also composed music) "The Way to Torah" - Drama Children's TV programs (director and editor): "Friends of Shoosh" - 15 parts, musical drama, Israel Channel 1 "Poonchicks" - 100 parts, puppet show, Israel Cable Channel Tchelet" Edited many documentaries, 5 feature films, and produced 3 dramas. Now working on "Wounded Crossing Borders" A doc about a group of Israelis and Palestinians that were wounded in the conflict, who are trying to join forces for peace. Languages: Hebrew, English, Turkish, some Spanish