Kelly Amis


Public bio

Kelly Amis' first job was teaching fourth and fifth grades in South Central, Los Angeles. Since then, Amis has dedicated her career to social justice, especially equity in public education. She studied education policy at Stanford University and researched the Australian education system as a Fulbright Scholar. She then worked for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and several education reform organizations. In 2009, she launched Loudspeaker Films to produce films that would provide a candid look at race-based inequities in the U.S. education system and related institutions: the TEACHED short film series won 14 festival awards and the Teach for America Social Innovation Award. In the last few years, Amis has directed several videos for non-profit organizations working towards equality for all. Go to TEACHED.org and Loudspeakerfilms.com to learn more.