Stephon Litwinczuk

Los Angeles, California, United States


Stephon Litwinczuk was raised in rural Littleton, New Hampshire, population 6,000. After graduating college and spending a year in the AmeriCorps VISTA program (domestic Peace Corps), he realized that his interest in filmmaking would coincide with his urban naivete to create a career path of social conscious films. Stephon's first major doc was working with seasoned Academy-nominated filmmaker, William Gazecki, on "Behind the Masks: The story of the Screen Actors Guild", a 4-part, 5-hour series. Stephon doubled as Assistant Editor/Associate Producer on the series and was mentored by a brilliant filmmaker. Since 2008, Stephon has been working as the Assistant Editor/Researcher on a 7-part, 7-hour documentary series on "Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood" for Turner Classic Movies. He is fortunate to be amongst another seasoned pro, Emmy-award winning doc producer/writer/director, Jon Wilkman. Stephon is fortunate to be evolving as a filmmaker with such creative and talented people.