Danielle McClennan


Public bio

"I believe in transforming traditions, speaking truths, sharing struggles & triumphs, and building connection through story. Every single human interaction is unique and irreplaceable. In everything I do, I look for the human element—that thread of connection that bonds us all together. I help forge these connections by opening channels of communication. I craft opportunities for this kind of engagement through artful short films." -Danielle McClennan

Danielle McClennan is the Executive Producer and Founder of Scratch Made Media. Her work in filmmaking unites her personal values with her professional goals. Her captivating films communicate important messages about social consciousness, community, and cultural awareness in order to connect with people and inspire them to make a change. Danielle chose this work because it encourages her to use both halves of her brain simultaneously— creative expression coupled with logistical challenges— artistry paired with effective communication.

Danielle thoughtfully develops and manages projects while striving for beautiful and captivating content. She is determined, focused, and most importantly, passionate. Danielle is a gifted storyteller, able to unite the essential elements of the documentary film experience with the most important aspects of marketing. Her work delivers a powerful, clear message while forging authentic channels of communication. Danielle thrives on turning an idea into a functional piece of [art]work.