Mani Mehrvarz


Public bio

Mani Mehrvarz is a Multimedia artist, born and raised in Iran. He holds his M.A. degree in Intermedia Art from University of Arts in Poznan | Poland, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the State University of New York at Buffalo in Department of Media Study. His field of research focuses on the intersection of memory and history where narratives constitute radically social and political changes. Most of his recent works in realm of new media such as video art try to deliberate human’s historical background to reformulate the conception of reality. His works have been presented in Iran, Poland, US, Japan, Greece, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil and India since 2004. Some of his recent screenings also have been presented in 17th Japan Media Art festival in Japan, PERL media festival in Ireland, Short Waves Festival in Poland, Cologne International Videoart Festival, and FIVA Video Art Festival.