Distrify and The D-Word announce strategic partnership

  • Members of The D-Word documentary community can now "sell movies socially" with Distrify
  • Distrify player can easily be embedded in film profiles and postings on The D-Word
  • Further measures planned to promote D-Word members' films to a wider public

At the 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival, Distrify (http://www.distrify.com) and The D-Word (http://www.d-word.com) have announced a strategic partnership for in-depth collaboration between the two platforms.

The D-Word hosts a worldwide documentary community, connecting more than 8,300 registered professionals and enthusiasts from 117 countries. Distrify, a Scottish startup, has launched a toolset to sell movies directly from embeddable players. Both platforms will work together to make independent documentaries much more accessible to audiences on the web.

"I believe Distrify has achieved something remarkable in online film distribution," said Ben Kempas, co-host of The D-Word. "It combines the first point of contact with the point of sale. When someone comes across an embedded Distrify trailer, they can instantly choose to watch the whole film in the same player, without having to figure out where and how to buy it. That's brilliant."

"Being the web's leading independent community for all things documentary, The D-Word is a natural ally for Distrify," said Andy Green, Distrify's marketing and sales director. "They have been pioneers in social networking since 1999, long before that concept became popular in the documentary world. We're very excited about this collaboration."

More than 300 documentary films are already listed on The D-Word, most of them visible to the public (http://www.d-word.com/documentary). From now on, members will be able to embed Distrify players into these film profiles. They can simply add the short Distrify URL of their trailer, and the player will appear without any need for complicated code – facilitating download-to-own, rental streaming, ticket sales, DVD orders, mailing lists, and more.

In addition, users will be able to include Distrify players in the discussion topics at The D-Word. "Unlike old-style bulletin boards, The D-Word has always been focused on ongoing conversations. We'll now be able to watch entire films together as part of this flow," said Ben Kempas.

While both platforms remain independent entities, plans include a shared login and a simple one-click transfer of film details from one site to the other.

"Most online distributors are struggling to convince sufficient numbers of users to join their sites," Ben Kempas said. "With thousands of documentary professionals and registered enthusiasts at The D-Word, we believe we have a critical mass already in place. Plus, we don't want to be a distributor. We're just facilitating what we think works best."

Founder of The D-Word, Doug Block added: "Peter Gerard, the managing director of Distrify, has a great track record with The D-Word. Together with Ben, he designed The D-Word's custom-built software which we've been using and expanding very successfully since 2007. The early indications are Peter has not only topped himself with Distrify, but perhaps the entire online film industry as well."

Beyond the collaboration with Distrify, The D-Word is preparing further measures to bring documentaries by its professional members to a wider public audience, enhanced with editorial content and promotional tools.

Distrify is an official sponsor of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, hosting every trailer. Distrify has received launch funding from Creative Scotland through Interactive Scotland's Digital Inspirations pitch and through the Cultural Enterprise Office's Starter for 6 Fast Track programme. Distrify also received development support through NESTA's TAKE12:UK programme.

Contacts, also available in Edinburgh during the festival:
Distrify - Peter Gerard, +44 7859 008643, peter.gerard@distrify.com
The D-Word - Ben Kempas, +44 7901 910598, ben@d-word.com