People on The D-Word

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Danielle Beverly
Danielle Beverly (Professional)

Yorinde Segal
Yorinde Segal (Professional)

Paul Szynol
Paul Szynol (Professional)

Bryan Donnell
Bryan Donnell (Professional)

John Burgan
John Burgan (Host)

Kim Hopkins
Kim Hopkins (Professional)

Bill Williams
Bill Williams (Professional)

The Webmaster
The Webmaster (Host)

Mikal Jakubal
Mikal Jakubal (Professional)

Jeremy Ansell
Jeremy Ansell (Professional)

Alina Taalman
Alina Taalman (Professional)

Joel Wanek
Joel Wanek (Professional)

Tony Massil
Tony Massil (Professional)

Joe Moulins
Joe Moulins (Professional)

Janice Rogovin
Janice Rogovin (Professional)

Nick Higgins
Nick Higgins (Professional)

Beth Levison
Beth Levison (Professional)