People on The D-Word

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Ric Shellhammer
Ric Shellhammer (Professional)

Margot Roth
Margot Roth (Professional)

Sara MacPherson
Sara MacPherson (Professional)

Rafael De La Uz
Rafael De La Uz (Professional)

Marj Safinia
Marj Safinia (Host)

Jennifer Townsend
Jennifer Townsend (Professional)

Chuck Fadely
Chuck Fadely (Professional)

Michelle Ferrari
Michelle Ferrari (Professional)

Doug Fitzsimmons
Doug Fitzsimmons (Professional)

Aj Schnack
Aj Schnack (Professional)

The Webmaster
The Webmaster (Host)

Doug Block
Doug Block (Host)

John Burgan
John Burgan (Host)

Jason Johnson-Spinos
Jason Johnson-Spinos (Professional)

Dean Hamer
Dean Hamer (Professional)

Ellen Brodsky
Ellen Brodsky (Professional)

Natasha Mottola
Natasha Mottola (Professional)

Vivian Kleiman
Vivian Kleiman (Professional)