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Kevin Hallagan
Tue 19 Jun 2012Link

Thanks for the support, Ben

Doug Block
Tue 19 Jun 2012Link

Nadeem, Charles, Sharad, welcome to The D-Word and all the best with your projects.

Alta Buden
Wed 20 Jun 2012Link

Hey Everyone!

I am so happy to have found this community! I'm currently working on my first ever doc about contemporary artists in Cambodia. Please feel free to check out our trailer here:

I am looking for feedback, friends, advice on applying to ITVS, anywhere else that might be a good fit for the doc...people who want to put me in touch with Angelina Jolie (kidding, kinda not kidding)...ya know.
cheers d-word,

Doug Block
Wed 20 Jun 2012Link

We're equally happy that you found us, Alta. You might want to check out the Funding topic, as well as do a search for ITVS since we've talked a lot about applying to it here.

As for Angelina Jolie, hmmm...

Bill Jackson
Wed 20 Jun 2012Link

In reply to Alta Buden's post on Wed 20 Jun 2012 :

Interesting characters in that clip. Nice.

Doug Block
Wed 20 Jun 2012Link

Agree. Very nice work, Alta.

Scott Liggett
Thu 21 Jun 2012Link

Hello everyone! I recently joined and am glad to be with you all. I'm an avid documentary and indie film fan. I'm one of the founding members of the IDA back in 1982. Since then, my career has been extremely good to me in music. Besides music production & our music library, I parlayed my business into becoming a partner in an audio post facility (Media City Sound) here in Studio City. We do music and audio post for TV & Film & Media. We love documentaries & indie films. Please come for a visit & tour. We are very budget friendly and superpros at what we do. Here are our sites: and Contact me at scott(at) 818-508-3300

Edited Thu 21 Jun 2012 by Scott Liggett

Pepe Urquijo
Thu 21 Jun 2012Link

Hey D folks,

After making several documentaries independently, I'm really happy to be here but equally ashamed it took me so long to join. I truly hope to make up for lost time and to be of service.

sinseriously yours,

Ala Mohseni
Thu 21 Jun 2012Link

Looking for a very professional videographer to shoot a theatre in Palo Alto, CA next week. If interested please send rates and reel links to:

Doug Block
Thu 21 Jun 2012Link

Welcome, Scott and Pepe. Ala, we welcome you, too, but your post actually belongs in the Classifieds topic. This is just a place to introduce yourself, which we hope you'll do.

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