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Doug Block
Sun 5 Dec 2010Link

How to make a living from docs, Christina? Get thee to the Our Daily Bread topic.

Good to have both you and Bob with us.

Andrew Green
Tue 7 Dec 2010Link

Hello D-Word,

I am Andrew with Green Solutions. We are a US West and East coast DVD, CD, Blu-ray and Eco Friendly packaging company. We've been in business for almost 14 years. I have worked with hundreds of independent producers over the years. While self distributing can be difficult, I believe we have the ability to help. We work with a web fulfillment company in CA, who can set up your shopping cart, credit card merchant account (giving you complete control of the finances) and handle the drop shipping to your customers. Even if we don't do your work, I am dedicated to the Documentary Producer and will answer any questions related to authoring, packaging, replication, duplication, printing, credit card processing and fulfillment. I'm here to help.

Doug Block
Tue 7 Dec 2010Link

Great, Andrew. I'm sure there are a ton of members here who would love to pick your brain about such matters. We talk about self-distribution all the time in the Marketing and Distribution topic, so feel free to hang out there.

Jeremiah Glazer
Wed 8 Dec 2010Link

Hello D-Word!
My good friend Joshua Z. Weinstein recommended I check out this site and I'm excited to join such a supportive and knowledgeable online community. I'm an aspiring editor with three years of experience assisting on features and shorts (including 2010 SXSW-nominated "Dirty Pictures"). I'm currently looking for my next project so if anyone is interested in hiring an intelligent, experienced, and friendly AE feel free to e-mail me at You can see a few videos I edited here: Thanks!

David Piperni
Wed 8 Dec 2010Link

Office Share Available! 1 to 3 desks avail in office in historic Cable Building at corner of Broadway & Houston, downtown Manhattan (aka Angelika Film Theater Bldg; aka Crate & Barrel Bldg). 24/7 access building, lot of light, best n'hood. Anyone interested or know anyone interested, please contact me directly! ( Thank you!

Larry Paros
Fri 10 Dec 2010Link

My name is Larry Paros and I'm new here. I've just directed and produced a film called "Walk Right In." It's the perfect counterpoint to "Waiting for Superman" and "The Race to Nowhere," but we don't have the resources or contacts to get the word out. Help!

Doug Block
Fri 10 Dec 2010Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Larry, and good luck with your film. You might want to check out the Marketing and Distribution topic, as well as Social Networking.

K.C. Marsh
Fri 10 Dec 2010Link

Hello everyone,
Pleasure to be aboard. I'm new to the D-Word and currently in pre-production on both my first documentary and my first feature length project. After obsessively agonizing on cameras, knowing full well the content matters more than the camera, I settled on the Panasonic GH1 for it's DOF capabilities, the fact that you could hack the bitrate settings (which I have done) and it seemed to be the only hi-def still/video camera that was capable of shooting for longer than 15mins at a clip without the camera overheating and or cutting off the clip at the 12-14min mark (as in the ever popular Canon DSLRs). So far I'm very happy.

I'll be posting more updates as I go but my main area of focus now is quality sound capture. I have a good indy rig but no wireless LAVs. I will post more on that in another section of the website and will certainly be looking for pointers and recommendations. I'm certainly in the market for some good multi-channel LAV mics if anyone has tips there.

My documentary is a "son gets to know his Jazz Musician father through his music and those who loved him and his music". And yes, I've seen "My Architect: A Son's Journey". GREAT film that was a major inspiration. If you've seen that film there are some very similar themes for me. My father was lost to me when I was fairly young (19), we didn't have much chance to get to know each other (family drama and his obsessive dedication to his music) and within the Jazz community he is rather legendary for those who really know his music.

I hope to explore the reasons why those fans and devotes of my father's music keep insisting he is a genius improviser and one of the top three improvisers of the 20th century (often listed with Charlie Parker and Lester Young others). These are odd things to digest about about someone whom you saw in a very different light growing up. I both seek to tribute my father but also get to know him better through his music. Hopefully both the viewing audiences and myself will get to know him a little better and come out the other side with a better understanding of what makes his particular stripe of musician so special.

So, next steps for me? Editing a fundraising snippet for Kickstarter and other online fundraising sights, finding some good wireless lavs and continuing to seek encouragement for this daunting task.

I do have a producer by the way. He is a former Cal Arts screen-writing instructor and huge fan/devote of my father's music. Wonderful fellow named Eddie Richey. My wife is also an ever-present producing partner and the other half of Leo Rising productions.

Here's to getting to know everyone better and most certainly sharing about the process.

Doug Block
Fri 10 Dec 2010Link

Welcome, K.C. You might want to know about a similar doc by D-Word member Stan Warnow called "Deconstructing Dad", which is about his own famous musician father. Not to worry, though, since each filmmaker's journey is their own unique story.

K.C. Marsh
Sun 12 Dec 2010Link

Great recommendation! I'm not worried. I love the other stories like this. The Glenn Gould docs were also wonderful.

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