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John Burgan
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Welcome Hitomi and Leonard. Always good to hear of reliable transcription services

Ted Nieters
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Hola, I'm a long-time watcher first time poster here on d-word. Just wanted to take a second to introduce myself to all in hopes of joining the conversation more often and making some new friends. I'm a visual journalist who works with Polaris Images covering the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I'm currently living in the Gaza Strip where I'm working on a long-term project about daily life, which consists of still images, audio, & video.



Leonard Lopez
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Hi Ted,

Leonard here, Yes we do understand and appreciate the work you are doing in a very HOT and VOLATILE spot in the world.

Ted, reading from your post, you did mention stills, now, at we do Audio to Text Transcription which I am sure you will be needing most times for your ENGLISH RECORDINGS to converted into a Text Document, we would love to offer our services though in a small way to make your work IN THE LINE OF FIRE MORE COMFORTABLE.

TED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN I am attaching a pdf for your reference,aLSO, GIVEN BELOW IS A BRIEF ABOUT US.

I have taken the initiative in sending you our company details in brief pertaining to our activities specific to media companies.

As is the case with numerous of our existing Media companies ( TV Documentaries, commercials, journalist celeb interviews, Film producing companies etc;) who have found us to be very cheerfully cheap Cost Effectively backed up by an awesome TAT both Regular (Two to three business working days)and Rush. Here are a few of our Media/Film companies using or have used our transcription service, with whom we are in Contractual agreement backed up with a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for confidentiality.

1.       Canvas Films.

2.       Transformer films.

3.       Fora tv.

4.       City Lights.

5.       Mostly Magic.

6.       Expo TV.

7.       Lion TV.

8.       Jillian Tucker-----Independent for Plum TV

9.       Dan Woods----For Clarity Films.

10.   Racing Horse Productions----Rebecca Cohen.

11.  UNICEF.

12.  Institute For Inclusion. (NON Profit Organization)

13.   Deaf Independent  Living Association.

14.    Media Policy Center
15.   M Creative Group, Inc.
16.   Current tv

Our general quote is US $60 to US$70 per hour of audio recording (Category 'A') Depending on the audio quality for a Regular TAT of two to three business working days, if in any event you are in a rush; the RUSH TAT delivery is within 24hours for 1Hour of audio recording with an additional charge of 30%. All transcription work undertaken requires a payment of 40% upfront.

We accept payment by PayPal, Google check out or Bank cheque.

We have a unique way of starting our association with A NO CHARGE TRIAL OFFER OF 5 TO 7 MINUTES of your audio/video recording which you can upload by logging on to which is then sent back for your quality feed back and go ahead and this comes with A NO OBLIGATION STAMP. We will commence the remaining transcription only on receiving your go ahead e-mail. for more info do please accept our invitation to visit us at our website given below.

Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest,

Thanks and Regards,
Leonard Lopez.
Toll free---877 323 4707
              714 782 7013

Fax---------909 992 3138

In reply to Ted Nieters's post on Sat 13 Mar 2010 :

John Burgan
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Hey Leonard – go easy on the sales pitch. You already listed your services a couple of posts ago, so it's not necessary to repeat. Double posts are redundant at The D-Word.

Please don't post there now, but in future, put ads like these in Public Classifieds – thanks.

Edited Sat 13 Mar 2010 by John Burgan

Leonard Lopez
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Thank you John, this is the type of advice and guidance I was hoping and looking forward to. I guess we have broken the ice with our non-verbal protocol

Will follow your advice.

Leonard.In reply to John Burgan's post on Sat 13 Mar 2010 :

Leonard Lopez
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Hi Hitomi,

Sure is nice to have you on board with us, do please settle in and make yourself comfortable for this pleasant journey along with friends.

Welcome Hitomi.

Leonard.HiIn reply to Hitomi Lei's post on Sat 13 Mar 2010 :

Hitomi Lei
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Thanks Leonard =)

Daniel Sharon
Sat 13 Mar 2010Link

Hi all,
I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for me. I absolutely love documentary film and am trying to put myself in a position to learn more about this passion. However, I work full time to pay the bills and the jobs / internships I have found conflict with my Monday through Friday work schedule. How can I find something with a flexible schedule that will allow to pursue my dream without going broke?

John Gyovai
Sun 14 Mar 2010Link

Just plan on going broke, makes life easier.

NYC has lots of opportunities. Take money off the table and give your time, work your way up, meet some people and find your place. Try and make some friends on d-word. Doc people drop the egos at the door and are generally pretty great people. Welcome!

Jason Perdue
Sun 14 Mar 2010Link

But if anyone can answer his question, I'm all ears... And already broke.

Tom Dziedzic
Sun 14 Mar 2010Link

I prefer to not call it "broke" but "financially challenged,"

Erica Ginsberg
Sun 14 Mar 2010Link

In reply to Daniel Sharon's post on Sat 13 Mar 2010 :

Daniel, I have a suggestion for you in the Mentoring Room. Want to keep this topic strict to introductions only. Follow me there.

Dino Reyes
Sun 14 Mar 2010Link

Hi everyone! Whew! I'm here... My name is Dino Reyes and on occasion, when I'm inspired, I make films. I'm completely self taught and started making films when I was 8 years old. I have directed theater, shot a few shorts & music videos and I am getting close to completing my largest documentary project to date, Andy Paris: Bubblegum King.

I look forward to digitally mingling with such an impressive cast of film professionals and I hope to learn and share knowledge on the best way to help get a doc out there into the world.


Doug Block
Mon 15 Mar 2010Link

Greetings, Dino. Nice to have you here with us.

Karen Torres
Mon 15 Mar 2010Link

Hey film makers. I'm an "enthusiast" now but with the hope of ultimately becoming more. I'm attempting to produce my first documentary so sorry if I don't have much to add yet but I'm excited to learn from you all.

Doug Block
Mon 15 Mar 2010Link

Hey Karen, great to see you made it here. Now you have to take the next step and register for full membership ...

Might amuse you to know I posted my Packer speech in the Doc Bar & Grill last week and it got quite the reaction. For D-Worders who hang out in virtual bars, Karen is the one who hired me to give the speech.

Christopher Wong
Mon 15 Mar 2010Link

oh, so then she owns the rights to your fart story...

Ellen Brodsky
Mon 15 Mar 2010Link

In reply to Ted Nieters's post on Sat 13 Mar 2010 : Hi Ted, Have you bumped in Dunya Alwan who is one of the founders of Birthright Unplugged? She and I co-produced a short doc years ago before she started this non-profit which brings North Americans on tour of the occupation in the West Bank. They also take Palestinian refugees on tours of their ancestral villages and holy sites. SHe has done some work on a doc as well.

Caitlin Brown
Wed 17 Mar 2010Link

Hi all, I'm a recent graduate of NYU's journalism school where my studies focused on documentary film. I just finished a thirty minute short about a day care facility that's housed in a home for the elderly. I'm applying to festivals now and learning as I go.

Doug Block
Wed 17 Mar 2010Link

Nice to have you here, Caitlin, and welcome to The D-Word. And to the real world, I guess.

Ted Nieters
Wed 17 Mar 2010Link

In reply to Ellen Brodsky's post on Mon 15 Mar 2010 :

Ellen, no I haven't. She lives in the West Bank? Birthright Unplugged sounds very interesting and I'd love to talk to her more so if you could please send me her contact info that would be great. Maybe I could get together with her next time I'm on the other side. Thanks

Alex Beckstead
Wed 17 Mar 2010Link

Hi all. Just referred to this community by another member. I'm a San Francisco-based documentary filmmaker whose work has appeared on public television and in various film festivals. Mostly I just get more excited about the possibilities of a great story and the process of putting it together than I get discouraged by everything else that goes along with this beloved process. Hoping to maintain that.

Looking forward to digging through what's been said here, and contributing where I can ...

Doug Block
Wed 17 Mar 2010Link

Welcome aboard, Alex. I see that it was the great Eddie Marritz who told you about us. Can't get a better reference than that.

Michael Leclair
Thu 18 Mar 2010Link

Hi everyone,
Just found you guys and looking forward to learning from you and offering my advice. First question – I've got a bunch of old b & w photos that I'm planning to use in my next documentary. Any suggestions as to how best to scan these to my hard drive and at what ppi for best quality?

Ellen Brodsky
Thu 18 Mar 2010Link

In reply to Ted Nieters's post on Wed 17 Mar 2010 :
Here's the website: She spends several months each year in the West Bank. Take care

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