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Martin Mc Cann
Mon 12 Oct 2009Link

Hi All, Currently shooting my first Documentary "Over the Hill Gang" A true life story about a group of elderly gentlemen who served together in the Irish Army Reserve(FCA). Most of them retired in the 1980's. To gain membership of the "Over the Hill Gang" One had to be an Artillery Soldier and possess one or more of a certain set of skills.... Singing, Reciting Tales and Myths; Poetry and Rhymes or play a musical instrument.

John Burgan
Mon 12 Oct 2009Link

Like the sound of that, Martin. If only all armies insisted on these skills...

Edited Mon 12 Oct 2009 by John Burgan

Arlo J Pignotti
Mon 12 Oct 2009Link

Hello everyone! My name is Arlo Pignotti. I just joined because I love to transcribe documentary film. If anyone needs their interviews transcribed into Word, let me know and I can walk you through on how to convert your videos to MP3 and upload it to my web site where I can start sending back transcripts via email right away. Find out more at www.AJProcessing.Com. Thank you!

Edited Mon 12 Oct 2009 by Arlo J Pignotti

Cynthia Jeannette Gomez
Mon 12 Oct 2009Link

Greetings all: I'm Cynthia Jeannette, doc filmmaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Current film project is in Production, "Land Water People Time". An early edit is screening at the Santa Fe Film Festival December 2-6th. This film is in collaboration with the Northern New Mexico Heritage Area and the National Parks Service -more at I'm an all around independent filmmaker/producer, behind the scenes photographer and videographer and FCP editor. Produced the epk for NALIP LPA 2008 & 2009 for the past two years Also a NALIP LPA Doc Fellow in 2009. Great people, excellent academy.

Michael Gregory
Mon 12 Oct 2009Link

Howdy. I'm Michael Gregory from Kansas City. I am working on my very first documentary, a short video for my church. My favorite thing about the process so far is just learning – I've gone through a score of books already and I look forward to learning as I progress. So far my favorite documentaries are "American Movie", "Enron", "This American Life", and the first few minutes of "Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?".

Jacqueline Olive
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Hi, I'm a multi-media producer living in Berkeley, CA. I'm currently developing a documentary film and producing a few small projects. Just started freelancing and thrilled to see others in the independent film community. Glad the D-Word exists.

Andy Schocken
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Welcome Arlo, Cynthia, Michael and Jacqueline! Michael, you should check out Michael Rabiger's Directing the Documentary – it's usually considered the go-to book for learning documentary filmmaking.

Juliet Snowden
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Hi All,

I'm so glad to be here because I am in the middle of post on a documentary I shot ten years ago. Yes, you heard right – ten years!

I am a professional screenwriter by trade (KNOWING, BOOGEYMAN and the upcoming POLTERGEIST remake) and a lover of documentaries.

Hope to learn a lot from you D-Word folks.


Edited Tue 13 Oct 2009 by Juliet Snowden

James Allen Smith
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Hi there,

I'm James, I just completed work on my feature doc FLOORED which is premiering this month at the Austin Film Festival. FLOORED follows 4 characters from the financial canyons of Chicago over a 3 year period as they struggle with big changes in their business and feel the impact of our economic crisis head on.

My friend Chris baron who did a lot of the shooting on the flick introduced me to this community.

Here's a link to the website for FLOORED

I'm looking forward to great discussions and learning from the group!

Take care,

Stavros Georgiadis
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Hi everyone,

Well this is my first post. I have undergone quite a transition in the last eight months – going from running a indie film support agency in Canberra to move into my own thing.

In this regard I am currently developing two major projects: one focusing upon a non-narrative based doco and the other a 4 part factual science series.

At the moment I am building the business plans for both. And it is slow creeping work. So any advice on the business plan side of things would be very much appreciated.

Given I had worked in supporting Indies I feel comfortable with my knowledge yet just a tad insecure with applying it on my own projects. I am now on the other side of the fence – so to speak. So, on a final note it is great to meet you all. I look forward to forging some great links and friendships.

Kindest, Stavros from Aussie land.

Stavros Georgiadis
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

In reply to Juliet Snowden's post on Tue 13 Oct 2009 :

do you do coverages as a writer? Or, edit?

Doug Block
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

So many great new people here, it's hard to single them out. But a warm welcome to one and all.

Juliet, curious about your ten-year project. Care to share more in the Works In Progress topic?

Juliet Snowden
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

To Stavros – I do not do coverage or edit. For legal reasons, I do not read other people's scripts. Sorry.

Marj Safinia
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Wow. Was there a discount at the door? So many new additions overnight! Welcome all and a special welcome to Juliet who I lured here promising her the answer to all her D-Questions. Glad you made it :)

Juliet Snowden
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Doug – When my doc trailer is complete, I'll post it on D-Word. That is... if this is the forum for that sort of thing. Still trying to navigate through the plethora of information here!

Hi Marj!

Doug Block
Tue 13 Oct 2009Link

Yes, absolutely, Juliet. You can easily post videos in any of our topics here. But (whenever you're ready) the Works In Progress topic is the best place to get feedback for a trailer. Would just be interesting to hear what it's about, that's all.

Edited Tue 13 Oct 2009 by Doug Block

Roland Millman
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

I'm a Documentary filmmaker living in Washington, New York and Munich at various times of the year. I'm a great cameraman ( and I spend a lot of my time editing docs for people in Munich ( I'm working on a film about German POWs right now and volunteer for DC-360 doing their lighting and camerawork, TD and directing ( I'm at

Lauren Cross
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

I'm a documentary filmmaker and writer in Boston, MA, and I'm working on my latest project, The Skin Quilt Project, check out the website below for more details:

cynthia biestek
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

Hello All
I just discovered this wonderful site! I am a filmmaker/producer working on several projects on Latin Music in Mexico and Cuba. I will soon post my trailer, and would love your comments.

Michael Hampton
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

Hello Everyone,
First post. I'm a composer looking for interesting projects to score. Currently working on "County Jail" for Discovery but work on all kinds of films in all styles. Here are links to my sites:

thanks for looking and I'm enjoying exploring the site.


Joanne Feinberg
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

Greetings! I'm the Director of Programming at the Ashland Independent Film Festival in Ashland, Oregon. Lots of familiar faces here – some with films that we have screened at the AIFF in the past, and many that we have not – yet – but may have the opportunity to in the future!

A little about me: After film school at NYU back in the '80s, I moved to San Francisco and worked as a freelance editor. Did a lot of commercial and corporate productions to pay the bills, but my true love was documentary film. Last doc I worked on was VOICES FROM INSIDE directed by Karina Epperlein, and I was cutting the fundraising trailer for a film I hoped to edit, Eric Slade's HOPE ALONG THE WIND: THE LIFE OF HARRY HAY when my first child was born and changed my plans a bit... many years ago and I have not been back to editing since.

Switched gears, and moved to the lovely town of Ashland, OR. 2010 will mark my 5th festival programming for the AIFF. We have great audiences here. We screen films of all lengths and genres but I must say that Ashland loves docs! Our festival dates are April 8-12, 2010 and we are currently accepting submissions. Lots of information for filmmakers at

So before I veer too much into shameless self-promotion, I will say bye for now, and thanks for this wonderful forum!

Doug Block
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

Welcome, Joanne. When I grow up I want to move to some lovely town and program an indie film festival, too. And I want to be paid a fortune to do it, of course! Anyway, great to have you here with us.

Ditto to Michael, Cynthia, Lauren, Roland and, sheesh, I can barely keep up.

Soudabeh Moradian
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

I’m a filmmaker from Iran, I was vice president of Iranian Documentary Filmmaker Association(IRDFA) ….I live in Los Angeles CA ….
I have made so many documentaries (and also Fiction series) in Iran, Afghanistan and a number of European TV channeles.
I have made a web series for French Arte TV called: les chroniques d’Iran (chronicles from Iran):

…. And my last documentary is an independent 60 minutes feature called: “Doomsday Machine”, This Documentary deals with the mentally disabled war veterans in one of the permanent sanatoriums in Tehran. One of them “Mahmood” is under the illusion that he has built a “doomsday machine” which can destroy the world by pressing a button.
My website ( is under construction but My resume is available at the following address:

I recently joined to D-Word …. Thanks for this forum

Doug Block
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

Nice to have you aboard, Soudabeh. You wouldn't happen to have heard about us via this Marj person, perhaps (our co-host with the most)?

Soudabeh Moradian
Wed 14 Oct 2009Link

unfortunately I didn't know Marjan before coming LA ... nice to know her ...

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