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Juan Manuel Leguizamon
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Hola Andrés, como estas?

Hello Doug and James. Actually, hello to everybody!!
It's impressive how many people we are.

James, you been in the Northwest of Argentina, what do you thing? It's a country of extremes contrast, isn't it? It’s very sad. To much corruption and ignorance among politicians… probably I’m not telling you anything new.
I’ll send you an e-mail.

Doug Block
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Welcome, Stephanie and Juan Manuel. You make a good point JM, has anyone else noticed how many new members we're getting these days? Nice to have such a great influx of talent. Happy procrastinating.

Tom Dziedzic
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Hello all,
I just joined D-Word this week after my colleague and friend Erica Ginsberg told me how much she enjoys the discussions here. I live in Falls Church, VA, in the Washington, D.C., metro area. I'm a freelance scriptwriter, director and producer.

My current film is entitled Redemption Stone-The Life and Times of Tom Lewis ( A quick history of the project: the film was selected for the IFP Market in 2007; I locked the edit in January 2008; it screened at several festivals last year, won two Best Doc awards and then was nominated by IDA for Best Short Film (; this year the film continues on the festival circuit.

I'm interested in all sorts of topics including creative challenges, the festival circuit and fundraising. I've been involved with film and video production a long time and I enjoy sharing what I've learned along the road with others as well as seeing other filmmakers succeed.

All the best
Tom Dz.

Melissa Fowler
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Hey All:

My name is Melissa Fowler and I am new to the list.
Happy to be here. I am based in NYC. I am a multimedia event producer,
an artist (film and photography) and aspiring musician (guitar and bass).

I produce an annual shorts showcase called Reel Venus Film Festival and
am launching a new lectures series called Double Visions.

looking forward to being more active on the list. :-)

warm regards,
Melissa Fowler

Doug Block
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Phew, like I said...

Welcome, Tom and Melissa. No need for you to sign your names to posts, they're done automatically on top of each. And so you know, Melissa, The D-Word isn't a list, which implies a listserve where you're emailed a collection of posts. It's an online discussion forum where you log in online to get to the various posts. Easy to get confused, I know.

Edited Thu 9 Apr 2009 by Doug Block

Melissa Fowler
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Hi Doug:

I apologize for referring to the D-Word as a list.
It's just habit from being involved in lots of different
online activity (lsits and communities) in various formats.
thanks for the clarification.

all in all, I am glad to be joining the online discussion
forum. Grateful to have discovered it. :-)

Doug Block
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Just think of us as your home even when you're not away from home ;-) Anyway, glad you found us, Melissa. Hope you'll leap right into the discussions.

Michael Angus
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Hi All
My name is Michael Angus. Most know me as Mick. I heard about this site at the "State of the Docs" panel discussion during the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Gary Hustwit called for a show of hands from the audience as to who were members and I hadn't heard of D-Word.
That's all changed now! Nice to be in touch with a community of other doco makers.
I have made three films. The Fight Game, Ooldea and SALT. SALT was screening at Full Frame (which was a great festival I thought).
Thanks for the heads up Gary!

Jennifer Paz
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Hello, I'm Jennifer Paz, my company is Jen Paz Films. I produce and direct documentaries. My film "Popular!", a music documentary, was shot in Cuba and Japan. It premiered in Shibuya, Tokyo and in the US at the Santa Barbara International Festival in 2007. My company does consulting for production companies planning to film in Cuba. Also we provide information about sync rights for Cuban music. I'm experienced with live audio and mult-camera shoots for performance.

Looking forward to the discussions here!

John Burgan
Thu 9 Apr 2009Link

Welcome to all new D-Worders, come in and make yourself at home

No need to add your email, Jennifer, it's in every profile – click the name or photo

Jennifer Paz
Fri 10 Apr 2009Link

Thank-you John. I see now how the profiles work. I just added my phone number. Privacy is overrated.

Doug Block
Fri 10 Apr 2009Link

Jennifer, Mick, great to have you here.

Sarah Schutzki
Fri 10 Apr 2009Link

HI!! I'm Sarah!!

I've been floating back and forth between New York and Paris for the better part of the past year, working on a couple of independent documentary film projects while also trying to gain experience in other areas of the film industry at the same time.

I've recently wrapped up a new pitching program I ran for The European Independent Film Festival, in Paris, and am about to head back to New York to finish shooting for one of my documentaries.

I just joined the D-Word and am certainly very eager to read up on the discussions and get involved... And to meet other individuals making and working on documentary films. If you're in New York, or Paris, let me know?!? And if you're elsewhere, let me know anyway? I'm sure we can find something to talk about...

All my best!

Doug Block
Fri 10 Apr 2009Link

Well, I'm in New York, and good to have you aboard, Sarah. Just do what we encourage everyone to do and jump right into the discussions. As you just did, in fact.

Skip Blumberg
Fri 10 Apr 2009Link

Just joined up to read the complete "The Art of Shooting Documentary" discussion with virtuoso doc cinematographer/director Don Lenzer, which is highly recommended to all!

In addition to producing/shooting docs (clips on YouTube,,, I am now Special Professor in the new MFA Documentary Program at Hofstra University's School of Communication.

Don Lenzer is visiting my Cinéma Vérité Lab course soon, so the posted discussion is very helpful prep. Thanks for this site.

Our students' website Doc-Masters, including interviews with Donn Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, Morgan Spurlock and others will be launched soon. I'll let you all know when it's up.

Looking forward ~ Skip

Check out my DVD "Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master" about the #1 video artist.

Edited Fri 10 Apr 2009 by Skip Blumberg

Doug Block
Fri 10 Apr 2009Link

Skip, welcome and I really hope you'll sign up for full membership and participate here. There are a lot more discussion topics that you can't see until you become a Member (as opposed to Enthusiast).

For those who don't recognize the name, Skip is legendary – one of our foremost video pioneers. Welcome to The D-Word.

Raffaele Brunetti
Sun 12 Apr 2009Link

Ciao I'm Raffaele Brunetti, nightime writing frome Rome in Italy. I'm a documentary director and producer. My last films include "Mitumba the second hand road" co-produced with NDR Arte and YLE. "Che Guevara the Body and the Legend" co-produced with ZDF, Arte, RTE. My latest film, ‘Hair India’, was screened at "IDFA Joris Ivens competition" and in other festivals like Full Frame Film Festival, Doc nz, Docville and will be at Hot Docs in Toronto
I'm a member of EDN (European Documentary Network), and Doc/it (Organization of Italian Documentary Makers) and coordinator of the Italian Doc Screenings.
Like Michael Angus... I came to know about D-Word at Full Frame wich I also thought It was I great festival!
ciao Michael and ciao all D-World people!

Doug Block
Mon 13 Apr 2009Link

Ciao, Raffaele, and a warm welcome to The D-Word. We love that word of mouth has brought so many great filmmakers here recently via Full Frame. Thanks to Gary and a number of others for the mention there.

James Longley
Mon 13 Apr 2009Link

Hi, Raffaele – I really liked your film, Hair India. Very fantastic work.

Kyle McKeveny
Mon 13 Apr 2009Link

Hi Everyone!

My name's Kyle. I'm just finishing a rough cut and teaser for a documentary I've been working on for 2+ years about a hobo legend who never worked a day in his life. I've produced and directed a number of shorts for different outlets in the past and worked as an associate producer on the documentary film "You Think You Really Know Me" about musician Gary Wilson.

I'm glad to meet you all. I've heard a lot of good things about this site from colleagues! Thanks for having me.

Looking forward,


Graeme Orr
Tue 14 Apr 2009Link

Hello Raffaele and Kyle,

I must warn you as a relatively new D-Worder myself....this place is Extremely Addictive. You'll love it.

Doug Block
Tue 14 Apr 2009Link

Yup, we're kind of like virtual heroin. Welcome and watch your veins.

Kirsten Flowers
Tue 14 Apr 2009Link

Hey guys!

My name is Kirsten and I'm a fairly new documentary filmmaker but I'm very eager to learn as much as I can. I'm currently in post production on a documentary about a Paralympic swimmer with cerebral palsy. I'm also in pre production for a documentary I'm co-directing on self-harm.

I can't wait to become addicted to this site. Virtual heroin sounds awesome.

Doug Block
Tue 14 Apr 2009Link

Welcome, Kirsten. The real addicts are those who qualify for full membership – and it sounds like you do. We await you with open needles.

James Longley
Tue 14 Apr 2009Link

Golly gee. For some reason that does not sound so fantastic.

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