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This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

Ginger Rose Lee

oh, another thing – compensation for subjects. this section of the series i'm asking about is the interview section (not really a documentary sectopm). let's say i'm interviewing a famous woodworker who is also going to spend a large portion doing a demo of his work to show you how to do it. he gets to publicize his own site and name in agreeing to be interviewed – but is it standard to offer these people compensation? my site will be ad supported, i dont think i will charge people to use it, but it will be a for profit company. thanks so much for your help!

Christopher Wong

ginger, it sounds like you are really starting from the beginning on this... i would recommend that you do a quick read of Michael Rabiger's book called "Directing the Documentary". it will get you up to speed very quickly. also, it wouldn't hurt to watch a few docs from the library: Hoop Dreams, Fog of War, Salesman, Capturing the Friedmans, etc.

Doug Block

Joanna, given that you're a Member, no need for you to ask questions here. This is for newbies like Ginger. And nice to see you taking advantage, Ginger.

Arjuna, you're a Member, as well, so you should take your question to the Teaching Docs topic. Believe me, many more folks here will see it there.

Joanna Arnow

ah, I thought I'd better ask here because the working pros sound like they have wrists of steel, but I'll try a different topic...

Tony Mohareb

In general, do the docs we see nominated for Oscars have distributors prior to festival attendance or are they picked up at the festival?

Nicholas Varga

Does anyone know of an online hosting site where you can upload what you have edited thus far to attract funding for completion? I have gone as far as I can go without money, and the film needs money to be finished...i simply need the forum where someone may wish to contribute to see it completed!!!

I am literally starving and need to finish the project! Thanks in advance!

moloy chakraborty

Hi; every body ;
i 'm moloy from INDIA;very glad to meet you here.
I'm now working as an assistant film director with the most eminent indian film maker; BUDDHADEB DASGUPTA. But you all know that in INDIA its very difficult to be an independent film maker . i've completed the research work for two of my ducomentaries .
my first project is about the children who lived on footpath of calcutta;but they all have a very pain full history; and the causes are very socio-economical.........
and my second project is on MEDICINE;how the people of INDIA are cheated by those multinational medicinal companies.......
i've approach to many people and tried to make my dream true' but i faild. so i'm requesting you to give me some suggestions for it (i.e:how do i find producers.....). thanking you; moloy

Nicholas Varga

Thanks Martin!

I actually found that website and was fortunate enough to have them accept my piece as an addition to their site. There aren't many films on there nor was there contact info other than an email, so I am wondering how wide of an audience they actually have. Time will tell. I will try indiegogo as an additional forum to display what we have edited thus far. Have you had any luck with Reelchanges? I only need $95K to finish and am positive this thing is going to make money. I just need one person to step up to the plate without having to jump through all the hoops and wait 6 months for Sundance and organizations like those to dispense money if they do decide the film is worthy. I HATE how money stops change even though it's probably the biggest catalyst when evoking change! UGGH! The system SUCKS!