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This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

Graeme  Orr

Sorry Doug. I was only an enthusiast at the time I posted. I was unsure if I would qualify as a member. I did re-post in Legal after becoming a Member. I won't do it again.

Doug Block

No worries, Graeme. That definitely happens. Regan, on the other hand, needed a good thrashing ;-)

Regan Brashear

hah! i got it, i got it...i've been "schooled" properly now, i do believe. no double (god forbid triple!) posts. be sure to read back in the threads. don't show excessive enthusiasm. don't praise Doug for fear of losing your mouth literally. if you feel the urge to curse, head to the PISS room or the Parking lot. Anything else I/we newbies should know? ;-)

Yixi Villar

how are you? I'm in the process of trying to find funding for my documentary. Since my company is an LLC I was told i needed a fiscal sponsor if i wanted to receive nonprofit grants. I live in NYC and was wondering which fiscal sponsor was best with the least hidden fees. And also if anyone knew how i could find grants.. there are so many shady companies out there... Thanks!!

Erica Ginsberg

In addition to Arts Engine, other reputable fiscal sponsors for film include:
International Documentary Association
Filmmakers Collaborative
San Francisco Film Foundation (formerly Film Arts)
Documentary Educational Resources
and probably two or three others whose names I have inadvertently omitted

All fiscal sponsors will charge you fees, but they are not hidden. For some, you may need to be a member of the organization. Some may also have an application fee (and possibly a maintenance fee for year to year). And most will charge between 5-10% as an administrative fee for funds which come in to the organization. You do not generally need to live in the same state as your fiscal sponsor, but, if you are planning on applying for state grants, you very well may need a fiscal sponsor based in that state.

Yixi Villar

Thank you Thank you thank you...I was looking at IFP and NYFA. NYFA charges a higher percentage but seems to provide more services ...and their in NYC where I am.

Doug Block

The IFP is close enough, Yixi. They're in Dumbo (right down the block from my office), and it's just a short subway ride from midtown Manhattan. It was a while back, but I wasn't impressed with NYFA when they sponsored my first film. Wheras I'm very impressed by the IFP as an organization. But you should speak to some producers who've worked with both firsthand.

James McNally

I just found out about a programme being offered by Seneca College here in Toronto called the Documentary and Filmmaking Summer Institute. It's an intensive 14 week course in doc filmmaking and the faculty list looks impressive (guest lectures by Alan King, Sturla Gunarsson, Jennifer Baichwal, etc.)

But, does anyone feel that these kinds of short intensive courses can really teach you filmmaking? As someone with a day job, this would require at best an unpaid leave of absence (and at worst, my resignation), so I'm looking for some guidance as to whether the filmmakers here think this would be worthwhile.

More info: