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Robert Goodman

It's hard to tell from your description if you shot on different video formats or if you used different cameras that all recorded on miniDV tape. If you shot everything on miniDV tape, you can use that format to edit everything in Premiere. Simply select the PAL or NTSC option in Premiere.

Ben – before you speak for all, please ask. I have used Premiere, Edius, Avid, FCP, Speed Razor, Edit and too many other programs to edit docs.

Wang Fu

Thanks Robert Goodman for your answer.

Really i do not know that in which format they shoot video because that time and even now i am very new to camera and shoot by so many different people and now i want to edit it. But i know all are in Mini Dv tape. But we shoot with good camera and now i have only tapes, i do not have those camera anymore with me. I have one question that when i edit and capture video then need to get first another camera to play tape and then can capture. I have my simple camera SONY DCR-HC26 so if i put that tape in SONY DCR-HC26 and then play and capture video then do you think that i will loose the quality of video because before camera was good and now this camera SONY DCR-HC26 is very simple. Please do not mind i am very new for this so asking this type of question.

John Burgan

There is absolutely no difference in quality when you are just using the camera as a player.

Do check out the dedicated Adobe Premiere forum recommended above.

Christopher Wong

wang fu,
if all of your tapes on on MiniDV, then you can use any MiniDV camera to capture the video. you will not lose any quality in the capture. the only thing you might need to pay attention to is whether those tapes were shot in NTSC or PAL, and also what framerates the footage was acquired at (29.97, 24p, etc.). good luck.

Wang Fu

Thanks for your answer John Burgan and now i am not worry ,
really i was little worry before that if i use simple camera SONY DCR-HC26 to transfer then i may loose the video quality.
I will check out the Adobe Premiere forum nicely.

Wang Fu

Thanks Christopher Wong.
I am not sure video was shoot in NTSC or PAL but i am sure it was in 24p.
But i want to edit with NTSC format.

Wang Fu

I am sorry Christopher Wong i type wrong . Actually video was not shoot in 24p

Riley Morton

to Wang Fu,
when you are successful getting your footage in the system, you should be able determine (in info about the clips) whether it was PAL (25 fps) or NTSC (30 fps).
If you want to edit (and deliver the final piece) in NTSC, then you will need to transfer any PAL footage into NTSC, something that any dubbing house can do there in your city.
Altnernatively, you can make that transfer using software like Nattress Standards Conversion:
to make all your PAL footage into NTSC.

if your Sony Camera can playback the footage, you should be able to use that camera to capture the footage into your system with NO loss in quality.