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This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

Erica Ginsberg

Matthew, many grant-makers do not support the purchase of equipment since they are supporting a single project rather than a production entity which would be likely to make use of the equipment beyond that single project. However, many funders understand that independent filmmakers with their own equipment may include the rental cost of equipment in their budget (essentially renting from themselves) and that this generally ends up being more cost-effective than renting the equipment from a third party rental house.

Lynn, had you thought of asking the instructor of the digital video class you'll be taking at UC Irvine? He/She may be interested or have some leads on professionals in your area. You may also want to do a search on the People page here in D-Word and see who is in the area (or maybe extend the search to include LA) and contact a few folks who look like they have the skills you want. They may not be able to do it for free, but might be convinced to work for a fair price if they are taken by the topic of your film.

Ramona Diaz

Matthew – You should just buy the equipment, rent it to the project and amortize it that way. Some funders – ITVS for example – will allow you to buy equipment or expendables (and nowadays that includes hard drives) up to $1,000. You have to get approval for equipment expense over $1k. And that usually comes with the caveat – if they approve it – that the equipment belongs to them. If i were you, I'd just buy it and rent back.

Lynn Smith

Erica--thank you! I'll check out the People page right now....

Matthew Dougherty

Thank you Erica and Ramona for the advice, I'll put it to use! Appreciate it!

Sudeshna Chowdhury

Hello everybody. I am into journalism.
Well I have just started out in the field of film making.Can you please tell me how do i go about it.In India there are few media houses which make documentaries. Are there specific opportunities anywhere or independent film making is the only way out.

Doug Block

Welcome, Sudeshna. There aren't many media companies that make documentaries anywhere, even the U.S. So, especially given how inexpensive hi-def camcorders are, not to mention editing software like Final Cut Pro, a lot of people start out just by leaping in and making a film. A short documentary may be the way to go, you'll learn a lot and hopefully not lose too much money. Then you can take it from there. Best of luck, whichever path you ultimately choose.

Susanne Larsen

Hi all,
Does anyone know of classes on doc research in the US? There is a Researcher's Masterclass in London at DFG docs, but I'd love to find something closer to home.

Stefan Immler

In reply to Diane Johnson's post on Sun 25 Jan 2009 :

I agree with Christopher to an expert usually doesn't get a honorarium, unless they insist. If they do and you are on a tight budget, you could specify a certain amount in the interview release form that will be given to him/her after the film has found a commercial release.

Mark Barroso

In reply to Sudeshna Chowdhury's post on Fri 20 Feb 2009 :

My advice is to think small. Write stories or produce 3-5 minute videos on topics that interest you for a website (could be an on-line newspaper). The experience will teach you 1) if it's something you really like doing 2) how to work efficiently and 3) get the attention of people who might want to hire you.

These days there are no shortage of people who will post your material.

Wang Fu

Hi to all of you this is my first time to join D world.

I need some of your guidance about editing with Adobe Preme.
I am very new to make documentary and this is my first time.

i have already shoot video with different, different video camera using mini video tape. almost i have got 40 hours of video.
now i want to edit with using adobe preme. Can some one say, which format i should start editing and save file also. I am new to preme also.