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This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

Karina Whitmarsh

Just started out and need to put a production log book together. How is this done. I'm the director and my one and only producer just told me he is going to join the Navy. I'm all alone now and need to continue making my doc. film. We never started one out in the first place..been only working with him for the last 2 months and only two shoots, so not much work to be done..however now I'm wearing all the hats. Help, please.

Doug Block

Karina, as you're a professional member, you should probably ask this question in the Editing topic where you're bound to get more eyeballs. This is more for "enthusiasts" who don't have access to much beyond this topic.

Jennifer Reiman

Hi everyone :)
I am editing a political documentary which is my first full length project, and find myself in need of some good tips. I have a lot of creative control as to the direction of the film as well.
I watched 'The Cutting Edge' and found it very helpful. I would love some suggestions on more educational videos, and free courses to take.
Other than that, if anyone has some time they would like to share to help me along, please message/email me, or let me know if you are available for a phone chat or two.

Thanks :) positivecontact (at)

John Burgan

Jennifer, we don't appreciate links to illegal downloads at The D-Word, which is why your post has been edited.

As it happens, The Cutting Edge, The Magic of Movie Editing is available new and second-hand at Amazon

As you are currently editing your first full-length project, it might be worth thinking about how you plan to survive in a business where the fruits of your labours are made available for free. It's basically the difference between a hobby and being able to pay the rent.

Jennifer Reiman

Hi John,

I was wondering after I posted that if someone would say something.

First, just because a file is available for download through a bittorrent site does not mean it's 'illegal', and also in my case, I will make my documentary available for people to see for free, as well as purchase hard copies, as many in the genre I am working in are doing.

I support people in the industry by buying documentaries from them (usually after I have watched them) and I often give them away to people.

That being said, I appreciate you communicating with me about your edit