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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Ana Francisca Ferreira Bastos

Hi guys!
I am no professional.

I've experimented a lot with film editing and I am always the one with some kind of camera absorving everything for further notice. I'm portuguese, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

But my field is classical music. I am an orchestra musician and i am starting now to script/idealize what would be a docu series on "ethnic + classical music" through the eyes of the musician herself, as I just purchased a very interesting armenian instrument that is remotely from the same family as the bassoon, my instrument. I wanna break the glass a bit on my own circle about the elitism there is from us, classical musicians, towards other musicians.

I came to you as an observer and a very curious person seeking to see what and how the profis do it. :)

As i said, everything is really still in the beginning but if you are curious and wanna know what I've up to:

Mimi Mutesa

Hi all! 


I'm a film student currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm just looking to get experience in the field particularly this upcoming summer in New York, so I thought I'd join a community that came highly recommended to me. My biggest film accomplishment thus far is a short documentary I directed called "Daughter of the Congo" about the immigration story of a girl and her family from Congo (DRC) to the United States. ( I'm also a photographer and you can see my work on my website at 

Happy to be here! Feel free to ask my any questions. 

Doug Block

Greetings, Mimi and Ana.  A warm welcome to The D-Word to you both. 

Christoph P. Schuetz

Hello D-World of D-Word ("World" sounds more fitable to me)!
I'm a documentary filmmaker searching for fellowship, inspiration and a mentor/ mentress who can help me developing my doc-skills.
I can offer passion, creativity and humour as well as giving feedback and input to your projects. These days I'm writing and editing a 45 minutes travel documentary about searching for home in a foreign place. Working title: "Wiener Wuerstel in Tel Aviv".
My life time project is a doc movie about the forgotten and murdered Jewish humourist "Wauwau" and my search for a long time ago lost suitcase with his heritage.
I'm happy to have come here and curious about where it will lead to.

John Burgan

You've certainly got a talent for film titles, Christoph - Smells like Wien Spirit! Have a look around The D-Word, you'll find it a supportive community  and useful resource. No need to "sign" your name after each post - it's always at the top

Christoph P. Schuetz

In reply to John Burgan's post on Sat 25 Feb 2017 (

Glad, that you like my titles, John. You seem to be a multilinguist - how come Farsi? Thanks for the sign hint.
--Christoph :-)
P.S.: Is here also a section where to watch free online documentary movies?

John Burgan

Well, the fact that I'm a Brit (with an Irish passport) living in Berlin, married to an Afghan (with a German passport) might explain it...

Click on the Watch Films link on the left hand side menu of the page to access links to our online docs....

Christoph P. Schuetz

In reply to John Burgan's post on Sun 26 Feb 2017 (

Wow! This could be the base of a documentary language farce...
My project "Wiener Wuerstel in Tel Aviv" could be of your interest - is home just a place or more sort of a feeling that you can take anywhere you go?
"Watch Films" I already found but the first clicks I made - mostly trailers out there. Can you recommend me an inspiring and well told doc movie? Recently I watched and enjoyed "Man on wire" (Petit and Marsh are great storytellers in this work) and "Salesman" of the Maysles brothers.

Tim Bennett

Hi everyone...

I'm brand new here and just introducing myself.  My day job is producing short corporate videos, but my real goal is to make more documentary type content.  I've been involved in video production, photography, and music production professionally for about 10 years now, and although I have a variety of technical skills at this point, my real challenge is applying it to longer form content and building storylines...which is how I ended up here.  

I'm looking for motivation, ideas, encouragement and to challenge the way I currently do things.  I'm currently in the process of attempting to put together a feature length documentary based on a year of travel and keep running into hurdle after hurdle, but am determined to get it done.

I'm looking forward to learning more and sharing some knowledge myself!

Judy Seaman

Hi everybody,

I was a member of D-Word several years ago and now am back. I moved from NJ to western Massachusetts 6 1/2  years ago. Before that I worked at WNBC News Channel 4 as an editor and other TV stations. I've made corporate and educational videos and also two documentaries of my own (in 2000 and in 2004). One did pretty well in a little niche market. It's called "A Clear Road to Birth." The other, about two people with Cystic Fibrosis who receive double-lung transplants, sadly never went anywhere. One claim to fame of mine is my participation in the D-Word's first collaborative project. My piece is about 50 seconds.  Feel free to look:

I have to say that I've been feeling pretty alone in a work situation I've found myself in and thought I'd share what happened in the hopes that someone might offer insight. Please let me know if I can share this and where it would go on this site.

I'm looking forward to meeting other filmmakers here, learning and sharing (as Tim Bennett has expressed).

Thank you!


Doug Block

In reply to Judy Seaman's post on Sat 11 Mar 2017:

Welcome back, Judy!  There's no such thing as a former D-Word member, you sign up here for life - whether you want to or not :)  And you may have been gone a while but certainly were not forgotten!

Feel free to post about your situation in Our Daily Bread

Niam Itani

Welcome back to The D-Word, Judy. As Doug said, once a D-Worder, always a D-Worder! 

Nicholas Czerula

Hello all,

I am new to D-Word. I run a small commercial production company serving the automotive aftermarket, sport industry and local businesses. I have created a handful of short narratives on people and hope to continue doing so. Usually self-funded and distributed. I love charcter studies and telling people's stories.

Hoping to connect with folks in the doc world to grow and develop my craft.

John Burgan

Just watched the first two minutes of your World War II: The Last Frontier (2017) which starts off in a traditional manner with WWII archive and voiceover describing the world situation in 1943, but then talks of John F Kennedy (born 1917) as POTUS and Lenin (who died in 1924) as if he were still alive. So it's probably intended as a spoof or an ironic joke ("trustyoursources") but to be honest I lost interest in watching any more. 

Rick Meghiddo

We are all visual people, so I guess I'll start from the here and now. I just entered a video contest titled "Inspired by Israel." My entry is Normality Lo-Normali: Everyone can vote. Watch it (4:56') and if you feel like voting, please vote. It's a two phase competition: phase 1 by popularity and phase 2 by a jury. Only the 10 top in popularity will get a chance to be judged. Every vote counts! Why is this important? because it shows aspects normal life in Israel rarely shown by the media, and it will challenge misconception and distorted views. 

Wanda Acosta

Hello there. I am a visual artist and event producer currently collaborating on my first documentary film as director and producer. The film captures a historical moment in lesbian/queer history in downtown NYC in the early 1990s.

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