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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Beata Calinska

Hello D Word,

After three years in Los Angeles, in which I was an active member of International Documentary Association, I'm moving to New York. I have been selected as a resident fellow for the UnionDocs Collaborative Program in Brooklyn. It's sad to leave behind my fellow documentary filmmakers in LA but I look forward to meeting the documentarians based in NYC. Where can I find these likeminded people?


Bill Jackson

Beata, I wish we could have met again - only once at Docuday - this was a good year for Polish Doc's.
You will find the NYC people right here, but those whom actually live in NY can give you more info.

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word (and New York), Beata.  Hope you can come to our D-Word birthday bash in Astoria on September 1st.  It's a great shindig and you'll get to meet a lot of NYC doc folks all in one fell swoop.  Including Yours Truly.

Aaron Davis

Hi All, my name is Aaron , I live in Cairns, Australia, where the rainforest meets the reef.  I have a communications background mainly working in social justice type organisations. I look forward to having a look around and learning more about this community.

Andy Schocken

Welcome, Aaron!  I had the pleasure of visiting both the rainforest and the reef you mention a couple of months ago.  You live in an amazing place...

Andy Schocken

I screened a film in Sydney, and then took a few days off in Port Douglas.  Introduced d-word to the Cassowary.

Scott Rabideau

Hello everyone:
I am new to this community and would love to connect, collaborate, and share information with anyone and everyone. I’ve just completed the first shooting phase (trial by fire) on my first feature length doc “A Long Hard Streak”.

Please follow me on Twitter if you feel so inclined:


Trying to keep portions of the story under wraps for now but will be updating more in the future as production moves along. l’ll be shooting in the Southeastern US (Tennessee) if anyone has connections. Thanks!


Randall Alleyne

Hi I'm Randall a passionate new voice in the unique World of documentary making. Just begun work on my first feature and welcoming advice especially regarding funding would be most gratefully appreciated.

Thanks Fellow Filmmakers


Anuradha Rana


My name is Anuradha Rana. While I joined this online community a few years ago, this is my first time posting. After completing many short documentaries, I'm now working on my first feature - The Language of Opportunity - exploring how English plays a role in the language ecology of India.

In the past I've worked as a feature writer, journalist (briefly!) and TV producer before taking quite a circuitous route to documentary filmmaking. I am currently based in Chicago, USA and teach Documentary Filmmaking at DePaul University's School of Cinematic Arts, where I'm also building the new MFA in Documentary program.

Looking forward to participating in this forum.


Doug Block

Aaron, Scott and Randall, a warm welcome to The D-Word.  

Anurhada, love that you're posting here, at long last!  Now that you see how easy it is, what a tremendous spiritual uplift one gets from it, what an amazing contribution to the community you make, what an incredible time suck it is, we hope you'll post much more often 

Tamara Perkins

A good friend introduced me to the D-Word years ago and I’ve been following the site and participating in events in festivals but am just now officially connecting and introducing myself.

I am directing my first feature documentary - Life After Life - exploring the precarious path to freedom post-incarceration. The film follows three men released after decades in prison, revealing what their paths to a new life—often measured in small, awkward steps—can teach us about the prison system, American life, and our own values.

My team and I just submitted the film to Sundance and I am interested in advice about navigating the world of festivals and distribution. In the past I worked as a global marketing and business development executive in the gaming and software arena. I have been advising and consulting with filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits on fund-development, partnership development, story development, and general business development for over a decade. I have personally raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for film, media advocacy, and educational projects. In addition, I have spoken at universities and agencies such as Stanford, Harvard's Houston Institute, Equal Justice Society, USF Law School, and Prison Law Office about making the long form documentary and the role of film in social justice.

I am excited to join this forum and look forward to meeting some of our local Oakland / San Francisco members at the D-Word anniversary celebration next week!

Kaley Emerson

Hey guys!!
My name is Kaley! I was so happy to find the D-word after doing some googling! I live in Taipei and am working doing video production and photography. I grew up in Washington state, about 4 hours away from Seattle. Last year I became much more interested in documentary work after meeting a producer who has really taken me under her wing here. I've always enjoyed honest stories about people and the problems we face in society. Recently I have been very interested in indigenous populations and their preservation and evolution of culture under the pressure of a changing world. I just finished working on a doc for Discovery Channel that will air next spring, and hope to work on my own personal project back in Washington State. 

Doug Block

Greetings, Kaley, and good to have you aboard as our latest Pro member. Take a look around at our various discussion topics, there's lots of good meat for you to chew on.

Doug Block

The happiness is all ours, Jennifer.  Welcome aboard and feel free to leap right into the discussions.

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