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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Kevin Hallagan

Hey there, everybody! I am finally working on my first ever documentary, it's about the economic and environmental status of the Binghamton Ny area, why it is how it is and where it's going. I set up a blog and a twitter as a sort of documentation of how someone with no real experience struggles through learning the Pre/Production/post production process on their first try. check it out and I set up a Twitter account if you're interested but don't want to read so much @K_R_Hallagan

Check it out! it's an exciting time for me :p

have a great day everybody!

Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word, Kevin, and good luck with the project.


Hi I am Nadeem, a model/presenter. I love travelling and delving in different cultures. My ultimate dream is to present and produce off the wall quirky documentaries where I am unveiling some amazing unique places & cultures. It will be like a kaleidescope. I want the viewer to become so entised in the programme that they feel they have been on the journey with me and experienced the exhilerating ride!!! Would love to connect with like-minded individuals and anyone who can help me turn my dream into reality. Look most forward to hearing from you.

Charles Rich

Hi, I'm Charles Rich. I'm working on my first documentary film with the barest of equipment at hand. I have no training/education in the craft, so this will be a from-the-ground-up project. I will be blogging my progress (and trips and stumbles) along the way, which I'll post a link to shortly. Besides establishing an online presence beyond an FB account, I'm mining the web for any information/support I can get in the process. It's great to be a part of D-Word, and Thanks for simply being here.

Sharad Patel

Silverline Production First Documentary

On The Ropes
As Sharad prepares for his next brawl he becomes distracted to hear the information regarding his fathers sickness. This crucial time ignites family and friends to support eachother even when times are tough.

Doug Block

Nadeem, Charles, Sharad, welcome to The D-Word and all the best with your projects.

Alta Buden

Hey Everyone!

I am so happy to have found this community! I'm currently working on my first ever doc about contemporary artists in Cambodia. Please feel free to check out our trailer here:

I am looking for feedback, friends, advice on applying to ITVS, anywhere else that might be a good fit for the doc...people who want to put me in touch with Angelina Jolie (kidding, kinda not kidding)...ya know.
cheers d-word,

Doug Block

We're equally happy that you found us, Alta. You might want to check out the Funding topic, as well as do a search for ITVS since we've talked a lot about applying to it here.

As for Angelina Jolie, hmmm...

Scott Liggett

Hello everyone! I recently joined and am glad to be with you all. I'm an avid documentary and indie film fan. I'm one of the founding members of the IDA back in 1982. Since then, my career has been extremely good to me in music. Besides music production & our music library, I parlayed my business into becoming a partner in an audio post facility (Media City Sound) here in Studio City. We do music and audio post for TV & Film & Media. We love documentaries & indie films. Please come for a visit & tour. We are very budget friendly and superpros at what we do. Here are our sites: and Contact me at scott(at) 818-508-3300

Pepe Urquijo

Hey D folks,

After making several documentaries independently, I'm really happy to be here but equally ashamed it took me so long to join. I truly hope to make up for lost time and to be of service.

sinseriously yours,

Ala Mohseni

Looking for a very professional videographer to shoot a theatre in Palo Alto, CA next week. If interested please send rates and reel links to:

Doug Block

Welcome, Scott and Pepe. Ala, we welcome you, too, but your post actually belongs in the Classifieds topic. This is just a place to introduce yourself, which we hope you'll do.

Ala Mohseni

Ooops! I didn't know it, thank you Doug for letting me know, I'm gonna replace it to Classifides

Doug Block

No worries, Ala. Good to have you with us here.

Dennis Connors

Hello all. I'm a filmmaking student at a local University, slowly carving my way through its program. I'm apparently considered a "mature" student, being that my classmates are generally younger than my daughter, who is a few years out of college. I learned about this forum from a D-word member just a few days ago, during my visit to the Silverdocs Film Fest. I'd like to thank that person again, but can't recall, this morning, who that was. So, thanks, whoever you are.
My primary filmmaking interest is with docs. I come from a commercial photography background, and decided, when embarking on this journey, that the college classroom, infused with the energy of youthful classmates and the professional experience of its teachers, was a good place to begin. So far, so good. My first doc, "Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket", a short film about an artist with severe autism, has made festival rounds (not Silverdocs, sadly, but did get a CINE Golden Eagle) from early 2010 until recently. If interested, it's currently online. Here's the two minute trailer:
A link to the full version should also be on that page along with a few other learning experiences. Looking forward to discussions & sharing information.

Doug Block

However you got here, Dennis, glad you found us. Welcome aboard.

Heath Cozens


I believe that this is my first posting here – after having been a member for sometime and simply relying on the updates. Time to dive in.

I am a New Zealander, based in Japan for the last 15 or so years (and shortly migrating to the States).

Have worn a few caps thus far – local fixer, editor, video-journalist, cameraman, director. But documentary's where my heart's at.

I'm currently heavily ensconced in making an indie documentary called "Doglegs" – about the underground disabled pro-wrestling scene in Japan.

Hello, one and all! (underconstruction, but should be up in a few days)

Richard Leigh

Hi everyone.

Feeling my way around here, but so far I love what I see – a vibrant online community.

As a not-for-profit distribution organisation promoting quality films, we're always on the lookout for short documentaries that inspire young people in schools to engage in deep learning. I'm happy to provide a list of topics of particular interest.

'Short' means really short, ie. under 11mins, but we have plenty of examples where filmmakers have cut short versions (not trailers) of feature-length work to use as promotion or try-out for larger work.

Get in touch with me at any time – richard at
or explore the campfire site to see the work we do. Campfire is a passion that grew out of my hobby and love of the documentary form (and graduation from film school back in '97... but that's another story for another day!)

Doug or any host, can you tell me what the most appropriate place to say "we're looking for x, y & z?"

Thanks for hosting a great site!


John Burgan

Heath & Richard – you've certainly found the right place! Welcome aboard The D-Word