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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Marj Safinia

Welcome Laura! Glad you found your way here. I owe you an email back. It's been a crazy week. Happy to have you among us.

Kristen Turick

Hi there, my name is Kristen and I'm a newbie. :)
So grateful to have found this resource for doc filmmakers!
My husband, Jeff and I are currently in production on a feature doc about Transformational Bodywork called "Growing My Brave". Following stories from surviving to thriving. A project that we kind of stumbled into and are now in love with. It's been a truly organic experience that has changed our lives for the better and we look forward to learning and growing our skills as storytellers. We have at least one more leg of shooting in May and then looking forward to jumping into post, with hopes to release by 2012. I cut a teaser to help with funding which you can watch here:

Thanks for taking a look and thanks for having me!

Warmly, Kristen Turick

Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word, Kirsten.

So who else is out there? Enthusiasts and Professionals, please introduce yourself here.

Christopher Lockhart

Hey, all!

I'm a filmmaker and a film executive. My documentary is still on the festival circuit and will premiere on the OWN network later in the year.

Ben Kempas

Chris (and everyone in the same situation) – It's time to apply for Professional status on The D-Word then. It'll give you access to all of our Business, Creative, Technical, and Social Topics. It's free but not automatic.

Sigrid Helene Dyekjaer

Hi Doug
Can you help me with a password for HOtdocs, to be registrered with a discount?
all the best

Doug Block

Sure thing, Sigrid. Enter the discount code [...] when ordering online and you'll get $50 (U.S.) off an industry pass. But aren't you going there with your film and automatically getting a pass?

[edited by Ben – the discount code can only be obtained in our Professionals-only area]

Ben Kempas

Hi Sigrid, this is the link to the private topic with the discount code.

Doug Block

Oopsie, didn't realize you asked me in one of the public topics, Sigrid. Usually we hosts are totally on top of keeping questions in the proper topics. (And other times we sleep.)

Anyway, hope you've been perusing the various topics here and getting a feel for the discussions.

Paul von Stoetzel

Greetings all. I was fortunate enough to meet Doug Block about a month ago at a class here in the Twin Cities and he mentioned D-Word quite a bit, which I was embarrassingly ignorant of. Well, not anymore.

I've directed/produced 2 feature docs and 1 short besides a few narrative shorts and a co directed feature which is in post. My most recent doc is called SCRAP and is playing April 17th at The Indie Spirit Film Festival. The trailers for it are below. Thanks.