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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Tom McGlinn

I've been shooting most anything that goes on in this small town for years for three local channels and after attending a lot Maine Media Workshops decided to try to concentrate on short docs.

Tom McGlinn

Thanks a lot, Doug. I've just been having a look around and I'm glad I'm here.

Warren Gentry

Hello Everyone,
My name is Warren Gentry and I live in Raleigh, NC. Here is the short bio that I posted. It probably serves as the best introduction for me. Nice to be here!

I have been in filmmaking for over 30 years and have photographed several feature length documentaries. A few of these films have been awarded regional Emmys. I mainly make my living doing short promotional and informational videos for non-profits, corporations and educational institutions. But as time goes by I find more and more that my interest lie in the long form documentary. I have a couple of projects I am working on now and would like to learn something about the art and craft of finding funding for such endeavors. In addition I have traveled to over twenty-five countries documenting indigenous lifestyles and humanitarian efforts to assist these indigenous peoples.

Here is a partial list of films I have photographed.

"February One": The story of the 4 college students that fired up the civil rights movement in 1960.

"Alamance": A docudrama recreating the first local skirmish between the Queens army and local farmers in North Carolina that was a precursor to the Revolutionary War.

"Melungeon Voices": The story of a mysterious group of mixed race people living in Appalachia.

Doug Block

Welcome, Warren. Glad you found us and good luck with finding $$$. You might want to look through our archives for special discussions we've had about it. And, of course, there's the ongoing Finding Funding topic.

Tomas Corredor

Letf Brooklyn and working again in my country (Colombia)... Hope to show you soon some images of this crazy colombian reality.

John Yaworsky

Filmmaker here near Chicago, mainly indie features and docs. Always have a couple films going. I teach Digital Cinema at DePaul and I am Board President of Living Earth Television ( We are always looking for docs to show internationally. Contact me anytime.

Marj Safinia

Welcome John. You should apply for full membership so you can take advantage of the good stuff.

Charlotte Cook

Hi everyone,

Yeesh, I'm really not good at writing things like this about myself. Just got back from Sundance and the jet lag is hitting me hard. Well, current work-wise I run a documentary screening programme in London, it's only of the only places that regularly show documentaries in London and we have just over 100 screenings a year, which works out at about 2 a week. I love it, just screened Mugabe and the White African today. It was fantastic with a really lively Q&A.

I worked in feature-doc commissioning for two years before this, and I miss it a lot. Graduated from a Masters degree in Documentary Filmmaking about 3 years ago and have continued working on a project I started there which is more a practice exercise than anything but we'll see what happens. I also write for The Documentary Blog, which I really enjoy.

Glad to have joined up, have been meaning to do it for ages and not sure why it took me so long.