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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Thomas C. Gass

Hello D-Word Community!

My name is Thomas C. Gass and I have always been fascinated by music, voices and languages. After graduation in "Music and Performing Arts" in Germany as well as several years of practical work as actor and musician, I started to concentrate more and more on voice acting and directing.

This involves productions as voice over artist for cinema-, television- and radio commercials, off-voice narration, radio plays, Podcasts, CD- und DVD-productions, internet applications, multimedia productions, as well as text doctoring, direction of voice recording and dubbing.

Thanks to my own SaVoA accredited digital recording studio with ISDN (all available codecs), SourceConnect and Phonepatch I'm availabled worldwide for VO recordings in German or English if you're in need of a "German accent" ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Vasilios Sfinarolakis

Hello Everyone!

I signed up to the D-word a little while ago, and have been silently scouring the many posts and pages ... Now it is finally time to introduce myself proper.

My name is Vasilios Sfinarolakis and I'm a documentary filmmaker/photojournalist living in the New England/Mid Atlantic area... At the risk of eliminating a boring description of myself, I'll simply tell you why I am here, with the hopes that I get to know some of you through conversation and dialogue.

I am all about documenting 'things' thought whatever means most appropriate ... visual, oral, written word, etc. I am struck by an imperative to record things I find important, especially fading cultures/societies, things seemingly mundane, the world at large...
I am also compelled to travel to conflict zones and document the happening going on there ... especially underrepresented issues (but I never discriminate).

One of my ultimate goals in this journey as a storyteller is to go into war zones and tell those stories...

I've worked for Ken Burns and the Discover Channel and am beginning to branch out with other talented and motivated individuals to peruse personal projects.

I am currently working on a documentary with journalist Annabel Symington on the Guarani Aquifer (in South America). We just launched our website yesterday and we're extremely excited to get this project off the ground. You can get to the project as well as the team better by clicking the following link, and you'll see the grass-roots approach we're taking to this project.

I have several other projects that I'm simultaneously working on; an ongoing reportage on Native Indians in New Mexico, and am currently developing a documentary on low-income housing and poverty in Connecticut. I am also willing to consult and collaborate with other individuals if you think I would be a good fit for your team, or vise versa.

Ok, I think this is long winded enough! I look forward to your feedback and being a healthy part of this great community.


Doug Block

Good to have you finally posting, Vasilios. And best of luck with your many projects.

khuram Javed

Dear All,
My name id Khuram Javed & i have 11 years experiience in television industry.I am working as documentary producer in a Pakistan top most channel "Geo News".
I produced several programmes relating to current affairs and documentariwes on different social issues and also on some personalities of Pakistan and also on Wild Life documentaries those i have been produced their names are following

1-Indus Blind Dolphin
2-Quad-e-Azam(Founder of Pakistan)
3-Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan(A weel know Qawal of Pakistan)
4-Waheed Murad(A well know Film star of Pakistan resemble to Elvis Presley)

khuram Javed

its me Khuram Javed recently join this network for sharing and exploring more about documentaries and the art of Making documentaries.

Doug Block

Great to have you joining us here, Khuram. A warm welcome.

khuram Javed

Its amazing site and search engine .I realy appreciate the team of d-word.I hope that i will fulfil my craetive satisfection and find professionals those really share with me the latest topics aboot PAKISTAN LATEST development againt war on terrorism i can help all members those who really want to produce a documentary on PAKISTAN .

Susan Harris

I'm a garden writer venturing into telling stories with video (my first, amateurish attempts are on Youtube under "GardenerSusan"). Have upgraded my camera, am learning Premiere Elements 8, and am enrolled in a Doc Production course at Docs in Progress in Silver Spring, MD.

Ultimately my goal is to produce short videos of the Gardens of Washington D.C. Month by Month of sufficient quality to find sponsors in the tourism business or elsewhere.

Doug Block

Welcome, Susan. Sounds like you're taking all the right steps. Good luck with reaching your goal.