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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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John Burgan

You're welcome, Heather – better late than never...

Marj Safinia

Hi Heather, and officially welcome. I enjoyed your film. Especially Whitney. What a great character. How's she doing?

Doug Block

Congrats on your award, Heather, and thanks for finally outing yourself. Come back often, ok? We've had more than enough silent Heather, especially given all you have to offer. (And love seeing you doing karioke!)

Yogesh Jagam

Dear All,

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moloy chakraborty

Hi; every body ;
i 'm moloy from INDIA;very glad to meet you here.
I'm now working as an assistant film director with the most eminent indian film maker; BUDDHADEB DASGUPTA. But you all know that in INDIA its very difficult to be an independent film maker . i've completed the research work for two of my ducomentaries .
my first project is about the children who lived on footpath of calcutta;but they all have a very pain full history; and the causes are very socio-economical.........
and my second project is on MEDICINE;how the people of INDIA are cheated by those multinational medicinal companies.......
i've approach to many people and tried to make my dream true' but i faild. so i'm requesting you to give me some suggestions for it (i.e:how do i find producers.....). thanking you; moloy

Marcus Rosentrater

My name is Marcus Rosentrater. I am working on working on movies. My keen interest in non-fiction is finding the place where truth and fiction crossover to derive a separate truth unreachable from either end. I am primarily an editor, but have co-directed 3 short docs with Gideon C. Kennedy. Our last of which is premiering at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam this Friday (Nov. 20th 2009 20:15). I'm looking forward to connecting to an international non-fiction filmaking community.


Martin Touhey

Good day fellow documentarians,
My name is Martin Touhey and my company Sleepyeyed Films LLC is currently in pre-production of a documentary about the legendary video game Dragon's Lair. I've joined the D-Word in order to expand my contacts and hopefully gain some insight to how people are getting their projects funded and noticed. I look forward to sharing ideas and getting to know other filmmakers.

Almudena Carracedo

Hi! This is Almudena Carracedo, I'm officially introducing myself here!

I am a Spanish filmmaker who was based in Los Angeles until two months ago, and now happily based in Brooklyn. I recently directed Made in L.A. ( which was my first feature doc and ended up wining an Emmy. After 2 and 1/2 years of intense and rewarding outreach and community engagement my partner Robert Bahar (also D-worder) and I are slowly wrapping up the project and moving onto new things.

Happy to be here in D-word, finally, and to be in touch with this community!

Marj Safinia

Welcome all and an especially huge welcome and hug to Almudena! So glad you decided to sign up! LA is sorry to have lost you guys.

Almudena Carracedo

Thanks Marj!!! We miss you all in LA... but I'm sure we'll be seeing you quite often anyway :)