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Leon McCarron

Hi everyone,

My name is Leon McCarron. I studied film here in England for 3 years, and decided documentary was my passion, specifically the production, I am a cameraman and one-day director. I had enrolled in the New York Film Academy for their Winter filmmaking workshop (because I wanted to learn how to shoot on film as opposed to digital which I know) but I heard so many bad reports Im now having second thoughts.
I'm moving to New York on the 20th Nov, and staying until the 15th Feb – I would love to take a short course in documentary filmmaking instead of the NYFA, or even find an internship. Anyone got any ideas or advice? Id really appreciate it, because Im kinda stuck now!

Also Im planning a documentary which I will shoot as I cycle from New York to Sydney following my study, you can check it out at

Thanks a lot everyone, sorry for the super long intro!

Doug Block

Welcome, Leon. Hard to know which film schools actually teach shooting on film these days. I know the School of Visual Arts has a really strong and revitalized doc program, you might check them out. They also have individual film courses in their School of Continuing Education.

Leon McCarron

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the welcome, and the tip about the School of Visual Arts. Seems great, although unfortunately Ill just miss the window of their teaching. Any other ideas for workshops this christmas? Im really up for anything that will help further my documentary practical skills/knowledge.
Also, just to say this website seems like a fantastic resource, great work!

John Sanvidge


I've decided to start a documentary about finding my birth parents in Seoul, South Korea. I am in the early stages of preproduction and was wondering if anyone has had any experience shooting in South Korea and what it's like.
Here is a link to a short trailer I've posted a few years ago on youtube. Thanks!

Ash Anand

Hi everone,

My name's Ash; I'm a British female journalist with seven years experience writing true-life stories for UK-based magazines and newspapers. Although my background's in journalism, I'm really passionate about breaking into the documentary film making industry, having recently been trained by a BBC producer and having made a documentary short.

I just wanted to ask whether anyone has any contacts or leads with Melbourne-based documentary film making companies, looking to hire someone in a research or production capacity? I'm hoping to relocate to Melbourne in early 2010 (I'm currently travelling through Australia, New Zealand and Asia).

Hope you're able to help and thanks so much for your time, Ash
0064 2117 06195

Julian Samboma

Hi Everyone,

I call myself a reporter. I have worked as a reporter for several organs previously, but even when I was not formally employed as one, i considered myself one.

I was drawn to the documentary format because it was a natural extension of what I do. To me it nothing more, nothing less than another medium of expression – and one which is very handy in the arsenal of the reporter.

Being new to the documentary format I have joined the D-word to learn and to share. I have so far made two docs and in the early planning stages of a third.

They can be found here:

I know the production values are not right up there, but I promise to do better next time. Ruthless and dispassionate criticism will be gratefully received.


Manuela Corbari

Hi all,
I'm a documentary editor and do almost everything else that's needed in a small production company in the rugged coast of Connemara in Ireland.
Just discovered the website, well done.
I'm about to go to Medimed Documentary Market, in Spain in October with a documentary I edited.. Just wondering if anybody has been to past editions and could give me any feedback and advice on how to make the best out of this event.
Thanks for your time

Lori H. Ersolmaz

Hi everyone,

I heard Doug speak at IFP last week and wanted to see what the D-word was all about. I make grassroots docs to help make policy change in NJ.