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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Jack Clancy

Thanks for the kind words. With as long as it took us to get this done I suspect you could have created your version ahead of ours had the WSJ come out 3 years ago!
We have a festival cut just about done and hope to get it out to a few over the coming weeks.

Marit K. Corneil

My name is Marit and I am a Canadian researcher/teacher (and filmmaker) living in Norway. I have been doing work on the NFB's Challenge for Change program, and teaching documentary theory and production for a while. I am working on a dissertation on contemporary documentary and am very concerned with ethical issues (!)

Michael Attie


My name is Mike Attie and I just finished my MFA at Stanford's Doc Film and Video program. I made a few docs at Stanford, most recently a 20 minute observational film, "Famous 4A", that follows veterans in hospice in their final days. (It's not as grim as it sounds, most of it is pretty humorous.)

I know a few people on on the forum and hope to use the D-Word to connect with people in the Seattle area. I just moved here last week so my wife can start grad school at U. of Wash. Is anyone going to the NWFF's annual meeting tonight?

Ted Fisher

Welcome, Mike. Do you know Anthony Weeks in your program? I worked with him on two short films when he was out here in New York.

Anna Rodgers

Hi all, I actually joined ages ago and then, I'm very sorry to say, never introduced myself or dropped in. I'm going to do so more often now! I met Doug at Guth Gafa in Co. Donegal, Ireland a few years ago (if you remember Doug, I brought you and your wife to my favourite beach!) and this year I met Ben at the same festival so I really should become a more active d-worder! I'm an Irish documentary director/ producer. My film 'Today is better than two tomorrows' is currently doing a bit of a festival circuit, and the film I produced The Yellow Bittern is currently in Irish cinemas and has got some great press. My background is mostly in documentary research and I've been working in film for about 12 years. When I'm not trying to turn everyone around me's life into a film, I'm obsessing over my two beautiful dogs or making my friends swing dance in public places! I give classes from time to time on documentary and ethics because I worked on two important series here for Irish TV in a Hospice and a Psychiatric Institution. I just finished a short doc set in the closed wards of old style asylums which is part of a scheme run by The Irish Film Board called Reality Bites. It's going to premiere in Cork Film Festival. I'm about to come to Vancouver to show my Lao film there.. if any members are based there it would be super if you could come see it! x Anna

Ben Kempas

Anna!!! So great to see you become active here. Congratulations on Vancouver and all the other fests, and a big welcome to The D-Word.

D-Worders, you should all go and see TODAY IS BETTER THAN TWO TOMORROWS – it's a little gem.

Just one thing, Anna, why didn't you show me your favourite beach...?

Anna Rodgers

That was a bit lame of me, I must say! I didn't even go there that time. You'll have to come back! I'll be more chilled out now that all my films are finished :)

Michael Attie

I do know Anthony. He's a talented filmmaker and great person. Whenever he spoke in class it was always with purpose. (as opposed to running of the mouth which we're all prone to do.)

Doug Block

Fantastic to have you posting at last, Anna. I remember that day on the beach very well, a highlight of the trip. Hope to be back to Ireland soon with the new film (my editor, Maeve O'Boyle, is from Dublin and I love the entire country), so maybe we'll get to see each other again. Meanwhile, all best with your short – try and get it shown here in NY.