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Floyd Webb

Hello, My name is Floyd Webb and I am a docfilmmaker living in Chicago. Working on my first doc after working with a lot of interesting people, I also do short 3 minute profiles of Chicago people.

Of late I am working on a project that got me tied up in a Federal lawsuit over Fair Use in Boston. The case may be dismissed Sept 28, we will see. The film I am making covers a century of the marginal social community of martial arts from Teddy Roosevelt's Judo dojo in the White House to the Dojo Wars of Count Dante in Chicago.

This is site looks like it could be a very interesting place.

Andy Schocken

Sounds like an interesting project, Floyd. Welcome to D-Word!

Chris Hinrichs

It's been some time since I've been on D-Word, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself with a short video some of you may enjoy. It is a rapid-fire slide show of the 240 docs I've watched since I got hooked on them through Netflix. Who knows? Some of you might find your film among them. As you can tell, I am an enthusiast.

Christopher Wong

welcome back, chris... 240 docs is sure an impressive amount. have you started any kind of review page where you list your thoughts on them? there have been a lot of people who have said they were going to start a blog reviewing docs, but those people never get very far. i think you'd do well with it.

Chris Hinrichs

Hey Chris- Thanks! Actually, I do quite a few posts about docs. I wouldn't call them reviews since my threshold for whether I like a film or not depends entirely on whether I thought the time I spent watching it was wasted. Almost none of the documentaries I've seen fit into this category. But I do like to make people aware of these films because I think they're ofter overlooked. I also like to interview filmmakers on the blog and have been lucky to interview people like Eddie Schmidt, Eric Chaikin, Melody Gilbert, and Jenny Abel (Abel Raises Cain). Here's a link to my doc-related posts in case you're interested:

If any of you have stuff you think I should check out, please let me know. I'm not a filmmaker myself, just someone who appreciates what you all do.

Jack Clancy

Hi Folks,
My name is Jack Clancy and along with my daughter Liz Clancy Lerner we have been producing pro bono shorts for non profits with our company Best Dog Ever Films, LLC. We are in the final stages of completing our feature length documentary The Renegades: A Beep Ball Story. Our temp site exists as a gateway to a 90 sec. teaser. We've been lurkers on this site for years and truly appreciate all the infor we've gleaned from the sites and subsites of d-word. We'd be pleased to get feedback on our teaser at
Thanks. Jack and Liz

Riley Morton

wow, Jack-
when i read that article in the WSJ a couple weeks ago about 'beep ball,' i thought 'there's a doc waiting to be made – wonder if i should do it' – looks like i got beat to the punch. nice work. looks like you've got a good story there. when do you hope to have the feature done?