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Krystal Lord

Hello fellow D-Word members!

Krystal Lord here of Los Angeles, CA. I'm new to D-Word and wanted to say hello!

I'm currently doing outreach for "THE ENGLISH SURGEON," directed by Geoffrey Smith. "THE ENGLISH SURGEON" is PREMIERING TODAY, July 24th in New York City at Cinema Village!


As you all know successful opening weekend in New York City and Los Angeles will allow us to bring the film to more communities nationwide. If you don't live in NYC or LA, please forward this to any friends, family or co-workers that do, and help spread the word about "THE ENGLISH SURGEON" so we can bring it to your city!


Many thanks and kind regards,

Krystal Lord

Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word.

James, great idea! I'd be very interested in this.

Krystal, good luck with the run. And say hi to Geoff from us. He should log on here more often.

Windy Borman

My fellow filmmakers,

I am producing a documentary, called "The Eyes of Thailand", about the founder of the world's first Asian Elephant Hospital in Thailand, which builds prosthetic limbs for elephants who step on landmines.>

As of Friday, July 31, I received word that Motala, one of the elephant landmine survivors I filmed in 2007, will receive her first prosthetic limb on August 15-16, 2009--10 years after her landmine accident!

For the details and a message from the Elephant Hospital founder, Soraida Salwala, please visit:

Needless to say, I have to film this for the documentary, but I will not hear from my grants and funding proposals until September or October. Therefore, I am writing to ask each of you to make a tax-deductible contribution to the film so I can raise the US $3,000 needed.

The cost break down is:
$2300 airfare (Thai Airways or China Airways)
$500 camera person in Thailand
$200 food and lodging expenses for me

I need to raise this within the next 48 hours, before plane tickets get any more expensive!

If 100 people donate $30...
Or 60 people donate $50...
Or 30 people donate $100...
Or 10 people donate $300...
Or 3 people donate $1,000...

I will be able to purchase the ticket on Monday, August 3, 2009.

Note: As of 12:00pm PDT Saturday, we've raised $685.

Please be a part of this historic moment and a pivotal part of the film by contributing TODAY!

You can make your tax-deductible donation through the film's fiscal sponsor, The San Francisco Film Society, at:

With deepest gratitude,

Windy Borman
Producer, Writer and Director, "The Eyes of Thailand"

P.S. Please email me at after you make your donation so I can keep the running total up to date. Thank you!

P.P.S. Please encourage other film and animal lovers you know to donate, too!

Alessandro Gallo

i've been working for an italian based video production company since almost one year ( i always had a passion for photography documentaries and filmmaking. we also have an office in Shanghai China where for my interesting we took part of cooperation with non profit organization ( i find your project very interesting and i'd love to go back home anytime to team up with you. i'm from the north east though close to Venice, hills and thermal water area. i would not understand sicily dialect but i know exactly the feeling of small villages. for more informations please do not hesitate to contact me

[irrelevant reply-to deleted]
Severine Petit

Hi all, I'm Severine Petit. I am french, born in Corsica Island and currently leaving in Italy.
Although I'm not a professional documentary shooter my job is to select documentaries for an Italian international film festival called Slow Food on Film. I attend festivals, watch promos online and invite people to Bologna once a year. My boyfriend is a member of the D-word since a year or so and spends most of his non shooting time on this forum. He sometimes tells me about a documentary that I might be interested in. He can get pretty boring sometimes so i thought that I should join the community and see for myself!

Ben Kempas

What's his name? Or do we need a "in a relationship with" feature on The D-Word? ;-)

A big welcome from Ljubljana airport!