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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Brian Boyko

It's been years since I've posted, but I've been busy, so I'll reintroduce myself.

I'm Brian Boyko, I'm an indie documentary filmmaker, and I've just "went pro" – while I'm still working on my quixotic documentary on New Zealand electoral reform (now renamed "Importing Democracy") I've put it on the backburner, instead writing a book on the same subject, as I take on paying work.

I'm likely to get a field producer gig for an in pre-production documentary on the art and culture of Cuba. I'd have to get permission from the U.S. State Dept. to go, but hell yes, I'm going for it!

I've also been approached by a couple of corporate clients, and I'm now spending about half the time at my day job on video (I was hired as a writer, but the job responsibilities have morphed as I got better with video.

I just ordered a Panasonic Lumix GH1 and also plan to get into wedding videography to make some money on the side to continue to fund the documentary film projects.

Anyway – that's me again!

Emile Guertin

Hi again, I have already introduced myself a week ago or so, but can someone help me with how to best navigate the site? I can see all the topics with related conversation strings, but how do I find the first posting for a certain thread so I can track the evolution of the conversation? At the moment I find myself dipping into a conversation without knowing the bigger picture. Thanks.

Doug Block

The only way is to go back within a thread and try to track down the first posting, Emile. This is a different kind of structure than topic-based ones (like DV User , for instance). But it's actually much more conducive to conversation, especially if you keep up with it regularly.

Christopher Wong

emile, don't worry about jumping in during the middle of a conversation. as long as you have something to add (or at least something reasonable funny to say), you're welcome to post. the key, though, is to check D-Word at least once a day so that you don't get too far behind in any conversation (that you wanted to be a part of). yes, this site can be an addiction, but if you are really disciplined, it'll only suck 10-15 minutes from your day. if you are not disciplined, then you'll end up like the rest of us suckers.

David Lasdon

Hi. I'm Dave. I've spent a year and a half immersed in my political documentary. I have 60 hours and have been putting off starting post until I have a little bit of money. My mentor suggested this would be a good place to look for an editor.

Doug Block

Welcome, Dave. Hate to break the news to you, but a good editor costs a good deal of money. But if you're serious about finding one in the LA area, you can ask for suggestions here or you could get in touch with some local doc makers (possible through the IDA) and ask them for suggestions. Good luck with your doc.

Mariangela Mondolo

Hello from Madrid,

I'm Mariangela and together with a Spanish director I am producing a an independent documentary mainly shot in Spain but that will require a few days of shooting in the U.S., more precisly around Los Angeles, route 66 direction Las Vegas in August (8-12 August).

This is also the main reason that lead me to find the D-word, but I must confess this page seems really great.

We are looking for a sound recordist for 2 max. 3 shooting days in August. Anyone know someone who'd be interested?
Any help on how to address best this search will be really, really appreciated.

Please mail me to:

Thanks a lot and saludos from Madrid.


Jason Burlage

Hi there,

So I've been lurking around here for a while now – have pulled a lot of great information from the site – and figure I ought to introduce myself. I'm just finishing up my first feature doc – about a year in the life of a porter on the Inca Trail. We just 'unveiled' the "website": and Facebook page a few days ago. Definitely a rookie at all of this, so feedback/advice is welcome on both. I look forward to being more a part of the community here.

Doug Block

Jason, great to have you here with us, and glad you're finally posting. Best of luck with your project.

Jason Burlage

oops – that's an actual website, not just a "website"

Michael Pardo

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I am a documentary film "enthusiast". I actually own a DVD/CD/Blu-Ray replication company called The Dubhouse. I work with a number of independent/documentary filmmakers (including Doug Block some years back). We have 8 plant locations across the country (NY, L.A., FL, NC, IN) and can handle any quantity fully packaged. Let me know if I can help.

Mike Pardo

Doug Block

Hey, good to see you here, Michael. It was a pleasure working with you in the past. Feel free to give us more details about The Dubhouse in our Classifieds topic.

Albie Garcia

Hi first time writing. Have always been a reader. I'm working on a documentary with potentially some big artists. Somewhat nervous have always been able to fund my own projects. I have reached a point where funding the rest of this project is not an option. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone can point me in the right direction to investors. If anything, just some knowledge n the matter.

Doug Block

Albie, no way to do that without knowing more about your film, and even then it's difficult. You might want to get one of the Morrie Warshawski books on fundraising, which would tell you the best ways to present your project to investors. He has a good book on fundraising house parties, too.

Albie Garcia

Thank You, Doug good point. I will look into that. It's a film about some musicians wrapped around this enigmatic label. Who in there heyday in the 90's had a chance for a label. They seem to be coming back and the internet is a buzz with them again on their upcoming release. I have complete access to the bands on the label as well as the particular band I mentioning.

James Ulmer

Hello all! I've been an entertainment journalist for many years here in Hollywood (with the trades, and also with Premiere and the NYT), covering film festivals worldwide, but have always had a passion for filmmaking and film. I also occasionally write for and help run a film website on independent and international film, Cinema Without Borders ( and continue to run my database company about film actors worldwide ( My only professional doc experience has been directing a documentary for the BBC in London after college. Now, many years later, I've decided to take the plunge again and make what I hope will become a series on the film villages of the world. It's about the life (and sometimes death) of the villages behind some of my favorite movies – Visconti's Terra Trema, Toratore's Cinema Paradiso, as well as Il Postino and dozens more (the series begins in Sicily but will continue through various countries). It's a sort of anthropology of village life as seen in, and changed by, some of the world's great movies...I am now searching for a DP to team up with me when I go back to the villages of Sicily to shoot the pilot, possibly this fall but more likely next spring. Hoping to find an ally in my passion project – preferably someone who speaks a little italian as well, though it's not necessary (I spent a year in Naples a kid). Anyway, I look forward to discovering some fascinating folks and ideas on this site, and if you are interested, feel free to email me. Please also check out the article that started me on this village journey – a piece I wrote for our website called "Entering 'Paradiso' – a Guide to Inhabiting Your Favorite Film," which you can find at:
Thanks for taking the time to wade through this overlong introduction!

Niam Itani

Oh James. Your project sounds great I'd so love to be your DP – except am not a DP :)

Welcome to D-Word. Enjoy!

Doug Block

Yes, welcome aboard, James. However, do go the next step and register as a full member since you're a doc professional. Will give you access to many more discussion topics.

I agree with Niam, it sounds like a fascinating topic.

Krystal Lord

Hello fellow D-Word members!

Krystal Lord here of Los Angeles, CA. I'm new to D-Word and wanted to say hello!

I'm currently doing outreach for "THE ENGLISH SURGEON," directed by Geoffrey Smith. "THE ENGLISH SURGEON" is PREMIERING TODAY, July 24th in New York City at Cinema Village!


As you all know successful opening weekend in New York City and Los Angeles will allow us to bring the film to more communities nationwide. If you don't live in NYC or LA, please forward this to any friends, family or co-workers that do, and help spread the word about "THE ENGLISH SURGEON" so we can bring it to your city!


Many thanks and kind regards,

Krystal Lord

Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word.

James, great idea! I'd be very interested in this.

Krystal, good luck with the run. And say hi to Geoff from us. He should log on here more often.

Windy Borman

My fellow filmmakers,

I am producing a documentary, called "The Eyes of Thailand", about the founder of the world's first Asian Elephant Hospital in Thailand, which builds prosthetic limbs for elephants who step on landmines.>

As of Friday, July 31, I received word that Motala, one of the elephant landmine survivors I filmed in 2007, will receive her first prosthetic limb on August 15-16, 2009--10 years after her landmine accident!

For the details and a message from the Elephant Hospital founder, Soraida Salwala, please visit:

Needless to say, I have to film this for the documentary, but I will not hear from my grants and funding proposals until September or October. Therefore, I am writing to ask each of you to make a tax-deductible contribution to the film so I can raise the US $3,000 needed.

The cost break down is:
$2300 airfare (Thai Airways or China Airways)
$500 camera person in Thailand
$200 food and lodging expenses for me

I need to raise this within the next 48 hours, before plane tickets get any more expensive!

If 100 people donate $30...
Or 60 people donate $50...
Or 30 people donate $100...
Or 10 people donate $300...
Or 3 people donate $1,000...

I will be able to purchase the ticket on Monday, August 3, 2009.

Note: As of 12:00pm PDT Saturday, we've raised $685.

Please be a part of this historic moment and a pivotal part of the film by contributing TODAY!

You can make your tax-deductible donation through the film's fiscal sponsor, The San Francisco Film Society, at:

With deepest gratitude,

Windy Borman
Producer, Writer and Director, "The Eyes of Thailand"

P.S. Please email me at after you make your donation so I can keep the running total up to date. Thank you!

P.P.S. Please encourage other film and animal lovers you know to donate, too!

Alessandro Gallo

i've been working for an italian based video production company since almost one year ( i always had a passion for photography documentaries and filmmaking. we also have an office in Shanghai China where for my interesting we took part of cooperation with non profit organization ( i find your project very interesting and i'd love to go back home anytime to team up with you. i'm from the north east though close to Venice, hills and thermal water area. i would not understand sicily dialect but i know exactly the feeling of small villages. for more informations please do not hesitate to contact me

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