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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Bradley Glenn

Hi all:
I'm a new member here. NYC based doc filmmaker. Produced and directed over 16 short docs for television and science and tech vids for the web.
Currently working on a feature doc about screenwriting guru Robert McKee. Reel of stuff:

I have a short doc (10-25 (?) mins, approx)I'm looking for an NYC based FCP editor for, strong story editor. Also, looking to be like a sponge and learn everything all of you have to offer. Thanks.

Doug Block

Welcome, Bradley. I'm fascinated by McKee. Haven't taken his workshop but I highly respect his book, Story. Enjoyed your trailer, keep us posted on how it's coming along.

Niam Itani

Welcome Bradley. Sounds like a tough project to be working on McKee's "Story"! Good luck with that.

Emile Guertin

Hello to all at the big D, my name is Emile Guertin, I am an editor of several years cutting mainly for Discovery and NatGeo, but am now turning my attention to directing my long-planned indie doc about faith in Manila, Philippines.

It's a character driven portrait of several Filipinos and how they reconcile their fate with the divine. It's my first doc as director, but as a strong storytelling editor, it feels like a natural progression for me to be behind the camera.

My initial reason for joining D-Word is to seek creative support and advice as I venture down a path I have not trodden before! Shooting in a couple of months.

Influences on me Joseph Campbell, Karen Armstrong, James Longley... and others.

Currently based in Sai Gon, Viet Nam, originally from London, UK.

Ben Kempas

A special welcome to The D-Word, Emile! I think you're our first active member based in Vietnam. :-)

Stéphane M. Grueso

Hi you all, I'm a documentary film director and producer based in Spain. I'm half french and half spanish and lived for many years in Germany... I guess that makes me really an european... I have a small production company with two colleagues but friends. We are now working in several documentary film projects that would need international coproducers, so I am working on creating a network of people and see what happens. I'm looking forward to the interchange in the D-Word. Visit our website to know more about me/us. All the best. St.

Jason Perdue

Hi Stephane. We were just talking about your film, ONE HUNDRED METERS AWAY, over in Views on News a few days ago. Welcome.

Doug Block

You can still take part in it, St̩phane. It's part of the beauty of conversations at The D-Word Рthey never really end. A warm welcome to you and Emile.