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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Dan, better that you submit something like this in the Classifieds topic. This is for personal (or, one might say, first person) intros.

Giovanni Paolo Autran

Hi D-Makers,

I am very pleased to see such a supportive network available on line. Last night was my first Stranger Than Fiction screening – yet another rewarding organization (hi doug). I look forward to learning and sharing.


my website:

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Giovanni. Was good meeting you last night.

Anne Checler


I am happy to have joined the community. I look forward to visiting the site daily!
I am a documentary film editor with over 10 years of experience. I enjoy working on social/historical/human rights-related documentaries and am looking for new editing opportunities.
You may check my work at

A native French-speaker, I also speak Spanish and Portuguese and when I am not putting stories together in the dark, I play drums in a Brazilian percussion ensemble...

Jon Foy

Hey folks,

Thanks for having me aboard. I'm at rough cut stage with my debut feature doc, "Resurrect Dead". Just joining up to do my legal homework. Wow, after perusing for the last hour I'm wishing I had joined far earlier – could have saved me a lot of headache. I'm still figuring out how to fine-tune word searches around here. Cheers.

Doug Block

Welcome, Anne and Jon. Good to have you joining us. Anne, I used to play (badly, but who could hear?) in a Brazilian percussion ensemble a few years ago. Absolutely loved it!

Adam Chapnick

Hello everyone,

I'm thrilled to finally be a part of this community! I'm a longtime doc marketer and distributor, a big social media evangelist, an IDA board member, and a dad.

I'm very excited about my new service that's now in beta, that gets indie films on iTunes for a flat fee without needing a traditional distribution deal, without surrendering rights, and without giving up any rev-share (it's at I'm so grateful that people are already offering feedback here. I invite and welcome all thoughts, positive, negative or otherwise!

For the record, I also can spin a basketball on one finger almost indefinitely and juggle a soccer ball with only my head.

Marj Safinia

Welcome, Adam. Glad to have you on board. Adam and I spend far too much time together in various IDA meetings and I can tell you that he's completely genuine when he asks for honest feedback, so I hope folks will jump in. Adam, the party's already started in Marketing and Distribution

Doug Block

Great to have you here, Adam. Hope you'll leap right into the discussions.

Mark Barroso

In reply to Adam Chapnick's post on Thu 28 May 2009 :

Spinning a basketball on my finger has always been a great mystery to me since junior high school. I tried and tried and never could get it. The guys who could were always the coolest cats around. What's the secret? If I fly to LA will you teach me? My life would then be complete.