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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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John Chalus

Hi, I'm John and I found out about this site from I am 57 years old. Have teaching Special Education for 3+ years. Married 29 years. Two grown sons and 5 grandkids. Former US Navy SEAl and Vietnam veteran. I am struggling to learn how to play the bass guitar.Nice to meet you all.

John Chalus

I meant that I had been teaching for 30+ years on that last post.

Doug Block

Very glad you found and snagged us, John. Do you simply enjoy documentaries or are you trying to make one?

Henry Warnakulasuriya

Hi everyone,

I'm really pleased to have found this site and I think I will get the chance for connecting with other documentary filmmakers.

I'm new to D-word. I learned about the site from Marjan Safinia, whome I met at Pangeaday International Film festival at Los Angalese in May 2008.

I'm really excited to connect with other documentary filmmakers and and look forward to learning from and connecting with you all!

If I say about my self. My name is Henry. I live in Sri Lanka, a country just lying underneath of India in world map. I am a script writer and director of Documentaries, Short films and educational video programmes.
I am an author of books in the fields of Short stories, Children stories, Novels, Translations and Film Criticism.

My filmography is as follows.

1. Thimbirigeyaka Kathawa (Story of a Labour Room)-1992 13:50
2. A Cradle of Technology -In the Hanthana Valley -1993 21:00
3. Didulambara (Shining Sky)-2005 19:25
4. Theenduwata Pera (Befor the Decision)-2005 12:00
5. Pathadumbara Pawasata Nimavak (End to the Thirsty)-2008 06:30
6. Vistas of an Illustrious Career-2008 11:10
Short Film
1. Madiyam Sevaneli (Mid Sun Shadows) -Supervision Director-2006 07:00
2. Nonimi Gamana (Endless Journey)-2008 10:00

Feature Film
1. Me Mage Sandai (This is My Moon) -Assistant Director-2001

These days I am in the process of preparing for production of a documentary on Catchment protection and water pollution.

I feel this is enough for the time being. You will get to know more about me during future discussions.
Hope to get to know each other.


Doug Block

Welcome, Henry. That's quite an impressive filmmography. Hope you'll feel free to leap right into the discussions here.

By the way, no need to sign your name at the end of your posts. It's added automatically at the top of every post.

James Billy Hill

Hi, I'm James Billy Hill. Yes, that is Billy, not William. True Appalachian heritage in that name. I am a documentary film maker and aspiring screenwriter.

I went to Film School at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I have been working in the local film industry since 2006 in various capacities and doing side projects in the mean time.

Last year I finished a short documentary about an Autistic man in Davidson North Carolina, titled: "Richard"
I am currently working on a feature documentary film titled "Troubled Waters." It is about Arsenic poisoning in a small town in Northern Argentina. We have been in production on it for the last three years and with fingers crossed and funding to come we will have it ready for release by late September 2009.

I am still early in my career and hope to glean from the collective wisdom of everyone here and I am excited about this new resource.

I heard about it from a Q and A session with Gary Hustwit at Full Frame last weekend. Full Frame was wonderful.


Doug Block

Welcome, James. I suppose being a Billy Hill is better than being a Hill Billy. (Alright, I couldn't resist – bet you haven't heard that one before.) Glad you found out about us from Gary, we're happy to have you aboard.

John Chalus

Doug, John Chalus here. I have never made a documentary.I do enjoy watching them.

Doug Block

That's fine, John. Good to have an enthusiastic Enthusiast.