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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Greetings, Matt. Since you're now a member with access to the various discussion topics, try and be more specific about what advice you need and post in the appropriate area. But before you do, you should check out back posts or use the search engine. Chances are whatever question you have has been asked many times before.

My guess is you probably have all sorts of advice to give us, as well, so don't hesitate to jump in with it when you can.

Mikal Jakubal

Hi Regan, good to see you here. Don't make yourself so scarce when you're in HoHum County!

Yeah, I'd second Doug's advice about back posts. When I joined, I systematically read all the back posts in the topics most relevant to where we're at with our film. Time well spent. Not to say I don't still constantly ask redundant or obvious questions...

Tatiana Massara de Almeida Bispo

Hi everyone I´m Tati from São Paulo, Brazil...

Can´t say i am a documentarist yet...I consider myself an artist, because i have always worked in the fields of arts, graduated as an architect, worked as an architect, landscape designer, dj,jewellery designer, photography... but I believe the right field for me is documentary...
As i always been concerned with social issues, justice or the lack of it, my parents believed i was going to be lawyer, but as i don´t believe in law i would never be a lawyer...Maybe i tough architect could help this social issues but i realise that´s probably not the best way...

I believe documentaries can open people eyes for so many things, it´s a great communication instrument...

Last year i did a short course in documentaries and did my first doc, which came out pretty good, it´s about the distance between folk culture and academic culture...

I realise i can be really good and happy in this field, as i love meeting others cultures and different people point of view, i also love to do research,to know human psycology, antropology and travel...

Just couldn´t find people that are just like me that have this some motives so i´ve been working on my own just researching my next documentary topic which will be about Catholic Church-The Sacred or Profane, i would like to aproach abortion ...

I would love to hear from you guys...
I also plan to study documentary in Melbourne Australia or maybe New York, next year.

Hope to make some contacts in this site
Cheers :)

Doug Block

Hi Tatiana, very glad that you discovered us here. You might want to check out this place if you hope to study documentary in NY next year. I know the people involved in running the program and I think it's going to be awesome. And lots of our members are from NYC, too, so great opportunities to meet other working doc filmmakers. Hey, including me!

Benjamin Kegan

Hi Everyone,

So I'm new to D-word. I learned about the site from Christopher Wong (shout out for his amazing doc, Whatever It Takes). As if the internet isn't distracting enough I can tell that there will be many hours spent exploring here, which frankly I'm thrilled about.

A bit about myself. My name's Ben. I'm a student at Whitman College and will be graduating in May. This is quite exciting, but also a bit nerve racking. Very soon after graduation I will be moving to either LA or NY so people's thoughts of the doc scene in either city would be much appreciated and very much listened to (as well as any advice for young eager filmmakers).

As far as film goes, I recently made a short doc called TEAM TALIBAN. It will be playing in Tribeca at the end of april, so if you're in NY or know people who would be interested in seeing it here's the website.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope to upload a photo to replace the default one, and I look forward to getting to know everyone and exploring d-word!


Christopher Wong

welcome ben! may you waste countless hours here along with the rest of us documentary fools.

(although you didn't win at AFI Dallas either, i can honestly say that TEAM TALIBAN was definitely the best doc short i saw there! and there were quite a few excellent ones playing...)

Regan Brashear

Hey Mikal!
I'll actually be up in Humboldt next week helping Scott with some Trees Foundation work. Not sure if we'll be staying in SoHum or Arcata, but I'll check in if I'm in your 'hood.

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Ben, and congrats on your success with the short. Can't speak for LA but between the weekly Stranger Than Fiction series and the monthly DocuClub screenings, I'd say NYC has a pretty thriving doc scene.

John Chalus

Hi, I'm John and I found out about this site from I am 57 years old. Have teaching Special Education for 3+ years. Married 29 years. Two grown sons and 5 grandkids. Former US Navy SEAl and Vietnam veteran. I am struggling to learn how to play the bass guitar.Nice to meet you all.

John Chalus

I meant that I had been teaching for 30+ years on that last post.

Doug Block

Very glad you found and snagged us, John. Do you simply enjoy documentaries or are you trying to make one?

Henry Warnakulasuriya

Hi everyone,

I'm really pleased to have found this site and I think I will get the chance for connecting with other documentary filmmakers.

I'm new to D-word. I learned about the site from Marjan Safinia, whome I met at Pangeaday International Film festival at Los Angalese in May 2008.

I'm really excited to connect with other documentary filmmakers and and look forward to learning from and connecting with you all!

If I say about my self. My name is Henry. I live in Sri Lanka, a country just lying underneath of India in world map. I am a script writer and director of Documentaries, Short films and educational video programmes.
I am an author of books in the fields of Short stories, Children stories, Novels, Translations and Film Criticism.

My filmography is as follows.

1. Thimbirigeyaka Kathawa (Story of a Labour Room)-1992 13:50
2. A Cradle of Technology -In the Hanthana Valley -1993 21:00
3. Didulambara (Shining Sky)-2005 19:25
4. Theenduwata Pera (Befor the Decision)-2005 12:00
5. Pathadumbara Pawasata Nimavak (End to the Thirsty)-2008 06:30
6. Vistas of an Illustrious Career-2008 11:10
Short Film
1. Madiyam Sevaneli (Mid Sun Shadows) -Supervision Director-2006 07:00
2. Nonimi Gamana (Endless Journey)-2008 10:00

Feature Film
1. Me Mage Sandai (This is My Moon) -Assistant Director-2001

These days I am in the process of preparing for production of a documentary on Catchment protection and water pollution.

I feel this is enough for the time being. You will get to know more about me during future discussions.
Hope to get to know each other.


Doug Block

Welcome, Henry. That's quite an impressive filmmography. Hope you'll feel free to leap right into the discussions here.

By the way, no need to sign your name at the end of your posts. It's added automatically at the top of every post.

James Billy Hill

Hi, I'm James Billy Hill. Yes, that is Billy, not William. True Appalachian heritage in that name. I am a documentary film maker and aspiring screenwriter.

I went to Film School at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I have been working in the local film industry since 2006 in various capacities and doing side projects in the mean time.

Last year I finished a short documentary about an Autistic man in Davidson North Carolina, titled: "Richard"
I am currently working on a feature documentary film titled "Troubled Waters." It is about Arsenic poisoning in a small town in Northern Argentina. We have been in production on it for the last three years and with fingers crossed and funding to come we will have it ready for release by late September 2009.

I am still early in my career and hope to glean from the collective wisdom of everyone here and I am excited about this new resource.

I heard about it from a Q and A session with Gary Hustwit at Full Frame last weekend. Full Frame was wonderful.


Doug Block

Welcome, James. I suppose being a Billy Hill is better than being a Hill Billy. (Alright, I couldn't resist – bet you haven't heard that one before.) Glad you found out about us from Gary, we're happy to have you aboard.

John Chalus

Doug, John Chalus here. I have never made a documentary.I do enjoy watching them.

Doug Block

That's fine, John. Good to have an enthusiastic Enthusiast.

Juan Manuel Leguizamon

Hi everyone… I have been a member for a year and I apologize for not presenting myself before.

My name is Juan Leguizamón; I am a Film Editor.
I was born in Argentina but I lived seven years in Barcelona before moving to New York last year.
A week ago I finished my last work called “Dreaming Nicaragua”, a feature length documentary directed by Marcelo Bukin about the life and dreams of five kids in Nicaragua. The film was shown last year at IDFA as a working progress.

In 2006 the film “Angel’s Fire” won as Best Documentary Short Subject at the IDA Awards, also James Longley's "Iraq in Fragments” earned top honors for Feature Length Documentary! (I fell desolate I was working and I couldn’t go… But hey!... that’s life in the dark room).

If someone is interested in working with a reasonable man, obsessed by details and with good sense of humor fell free to contact me. More info at my web:

I hope to be able to give something back to this great community.
Thanks to all.

Tatiana Petrone

I am the festival manager for the American Conservation Film Festival in Shepherdstown, WV.

Jason Perdue

Welcome Tatiana. Glad to have some more festival people here. I'm the Program Director of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. When is your festival?

Dharma Apparasu

Hi I am Dharma I would like to submit a proposal to PBS very interesting subject, I shall be producing the 13 one-hour series. I looking for some one who has some experience in writing proposals or where can i find some one.
I planning to going into documentary production.

Doug Block

Welcome Juan, Tatiana and Dharma. Glad to have you all here.

Beth Humpert Dunn

Hi, my name is Beth and I live near the Smoky Mountains in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Good to be connected with all of you doc film folks. I kind of got involved accidentally in doc films, when I visited Russia and got an idea for a story about a little town surrounded by a fence (a nuclear city with the last plutonium-producing reactor slated for closure since the end of the Cold War), but I have always loved docs. When I lived in Southern California, I got a global view of the entertainment industry, since I worked in film distribution, for which I am grateful. The internet has changed things so vastly, that now, as i consider options for distribution, I am seriously considering some kind of alternative way to get my film to a niche audience, rather than go a more traditional route, that aims more broadly. I have many questions, and look forward to hearing from some of you to discover your experiences with this wonderful art and craft we call doc film!

Erica Ginsberg

Welcome everybody. Beth, long time no talk. How's the film coming?

Beth Humpert Dunn

Hi Erica, good to hear from you! You remember I was going to screen a trailer with Docs In Progress last fall, but instead stayed in TN to tend to an elderly friend in a health crisis. In retrospect, I think it was not only a good choice for the sake of my friend, but for the film too. During that season last fall, after having failed to get an ITVS grant with a local PBS Lincs partner, I took the generous feedback from ITVS and applied it to the story. Coupled with some other creative and business input, I am looking at making several stories out of a complex one, to simplify and enhance both the personal and political layers. Thanks for asking! How are things with you?

Sarah Sweet

Hi! My name is Sarah Sweet, I am currently a student of The Evergreen State College (Tacoma Campus) and concentrating on film for my degree. I will be graduating this June and pursuing my MFA in film at The Academy of Art University. I have done short films all through school... really since High school, then in a certification program through a technical college and now at Evergreen where I have really started focusing on documentary. I really enjoy editing, and this is where I feel I do my best work but I seem to be a one- woman crew quite often. Good to meet everyone!

Doug Block

Beth, Sarah, welcome to The D-Word, glad you found us. Sarah, highly recommend you look over some of our archived discussions. Especially the Editing discussion with Kate Amend. Beth, feel free to apply for full membership for working doc professionals.

Stephanie Foerster

Hello! I'm really pleased to have found out about the D-word (thanks Erica G.). I write, shoot and produce documentaries, and when pressed, will edit ;) My work covers a pretty wide range of subjects, from a Nigerian bank setting up shop in post-war Liberia, to a documentary about the largest off-court bocce tournament in the US. In short, I love to tell a good story, no matter the location or topic. You can see some of my work at I look forward to meeting other members!

Juan Manuel Leguizamon

Hola Andrés, como estas?

Hello Doug and James. Actually, hello to everybody!!
It's impressive how many people we are.

James, you been in the Northwest of Argentina, what do you thing? It's a country of extremes contrast, isn't it? It’s very sad. To much corruption and ignorance among politicians… probably I’m not telling you anything new.
I’ll send you an e-mail.

Doug Block

Welcome, Stephanie and Juan Manuel. You make a good point JM, has anyone else noticed how many new members we're getting these days? Nice to have such a great influx of talent. Happy procrastinating.

Tom Dziedzic

Hello all,
I just joined D-Word this week after my colleague and friend Erica Ginsberg told me how much she enjoys the discussions here. I live in Falls Church, VA, in the Washington, D.C., metro area. I'm a freelance scriptwriter, director and producer.

My current film is entitled Redemption Stone-The Life and Times of Tom Lewis ( A quick history of the project: the film was selected for the IFP Market in 2007; I locked the edit in January 2008; it screened at several festivals last year, won two Best Doc awards and then was nominated by IDA for Best Short Film (; this year the film continues on the festival circuit.

I'm interested in all sorts of topics including creative challenges, the festival circuit and fundraising. I've been involved with film and video production a long time and I enjoy sharing what I've learned along the road with others as well as seeing other filmmakers succeed.

All the best
Tom Dz.

Melissa Fowler

Hey All:

My name is Melissa Fowler and I am new to the list.
Happy to be here. I am based in NYC. I am a multimedia event producer,
an artist (film and photography) and aspiring musician (guitar and bass).

I produce an annual shorts showcase called Reel Venus Film Festival and
am launching a new lectures series called Double Visions.

looking forward to being more active on the list. :-)

warm regards,
Melissa Fowler

Doug Block

Phew, like I said...

Welcome, Tom and Melissa. No need for you to sign your names to posts, they're done automatically on top of each. And so you know, Melissa, The D-Word isn't a list, which implies a listserve where you're emailed a collection of posts. It's an online discussion forum where you log in online to get to the various posts. Easy to get confused, I know.

Melissa Fowler

Hi Doug:

I apologize for referring to the D-Word as a list.
It's just habit from being involved in lots of different
online activity (lsits and communities) in various formats.
thanks for the clarification.

all in all, I am glad to be joining the online discussion
forum. Grateful to have discovered it. :-)

Doug Block

Just think of us as your home even when you're not away from home ;-) Anyway, glad you found us, Melissa. Hope you'll leap right into the discussions.

Michael Angus

Hi All
My name is Michael Angus. Most know me as Mick. I heard about this site at the "State of the Docs" panel discussion during the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Gary Hustwit called for a show of hands from the audience as to who were members and I hadn't heard of D-Word.
That's all changed now! Nice to be in touch with a community of other doco makers.
I have made three films. The Fight Game, Ooldea and SALT. SALT was screening at Full Frame (which was a great festival I thought).
Thanks for the heads up Gary!

Jennifer Paz

Hello, I'm Jennifer Paz, my company is Jen Paz Films. I produce and direct documentaries. My film "Popular!", a music documentary, was shot in Cuba and Japan. It premiered in Shibuya, Tokyo and in the US at the Santa Barbara International Festival in 2007. My company does consulting for production companies planning to film in Cuba. Also we provide information about sync rights for Cuban music. I'm experienced with live audio and mult-camera shoots for performance.

Looking forward to the discussions here!

John Burgan

Welcome to all new D-Worders, come in and make yourself at home

No need to add your email, Jennifer, it's in every profile – click the name or photo

Jennifer Paz

Thank-you John. I see now how the profiles work. I just added my phone number. Privacy is overrated.

Sarah Schutzki

HI!! I'm Sarah!!

I've been floating back and forth between New York and Paris for the better part of the past year, working on a couple of independent documentary film projects while also trying to gain experience in other areas of the film industry at the same time.

I've recently wrapped up a new pitching program I ran for The European Independent Film Festival, in Paris, and am about to head back to New York to finish shooting for one of my documentaries.

I just joined the D-Word and am certainly very eager to read up on the discussions and get involved... And to meet other individuals making and working on documentary films. If you're in New York, or Paris, let me know?!? And if you're elsewhere, let me know anyway? I'm sure we can find something to talk about...

All my best!

Doug Block

Well, I'm in New York, and good to have you aboard, Sarah. Just do what we encourage everyone to do and jump right into the discussions. As you just did, in fact.

Skip Blumberg

Just joined up to read the complete "The Art of Shooting Documentary" discussion with virtuoso doc cinematographer/director Don Lenzer, which is highly recommended to all!

In addition to producing/shooting docs (clips on YouTube,,, I am now Special Professor in the new MFA Documentary Program at Hofstra University's School of Communication.

Don Lenzer is visiting my Cinéma Vérité Lab course soon, so the posted discussion is very helpful prep. Thanks for this site.

Our students' website Doc-Masters, including interviews with Donn Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, Morgan Spurlock and others will be launched soon. I'll let you all know when it's up.

Looking forward ~ Skip

Check out my DVD "Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master" about the #1 video artist.

Doug Block

Skip, welcome and I really hope you'll sign up for full membership and participate here. There are a lot more discussion topics that you can't see until you become a Member (as opposed to Enthusiast).

For those who don't recognize the name, Skip is legendary – one of our foremost video pioneers. Welcome to The D-Word.

Raffaele Brunetti

Ciao I'm Raffaele Brunetti, nightime writing frome Rome in Italy. I'm a documentary director and producer. My last films include "Mitumba the second hand road" co-produced with NDR Arte and YLE. "Che Guevara the Body and the Legend" co-produced with ZDF, Arte, RTE. My latest film, ‘Hair India’, was screened at "IDFA Joris Ivens competition" and in other festivals like Full Frame Film Festival, Doc nz, Docville and will be at Hot Docs in Toronto
I'm a member of EDN (European Documentary Network), and Doc/it (Organization of Italian Documentary Makers) and coordinator of the Italian Doc Screenings.
Like Michael Angus... I came to know about D-Word at Full Frame wich I also thought It was I great festival!
ciao Michael and ciao all D-World people!

Doug Block

Ciao, Raffaele, and a warm welcome to The D-Word. We love that word of mouth has brought so many great filmmakers here recently via Full Frame. Thanks to Gary and a number of others for the mention there.