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Ariel Saturay

i am a member of kodao productions here in the Philippines. Kodao is an indigenous word meaning journal. we make social and political documentaries. We also have a radio program that was blacklisted by the government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because of being outspoken about the administration's corrupt management of our country.

Graeme  Orr

Hello Everyone,
My name is Graeme Orr and I was born in England, grew up in Australia and now live in Canada. I am finishing of my first feature length documentary at the moment. I am very glad to have found this site. I live in a kind of creative bubble. Been working hard on my doc which I am producing, directing, writing, shooting and editing on my own. I love the art forma nd have a subject I am very passionate about.

My film, 'Road to Nirvana' is about how a chance meeting with a humanitarian has changed my life for ever. It was kind of lost. Knowing only that I wanted to learn more about the world and had dreams of using my passion for Documentaries to somehow positively impact the world. Then I was shooting for the local news one day and had to interview a man who builds schools and orpahanges all over the world and bring medical aid to those in need. He still holds down a full-time job and helps his wife run a business. At first I didn't know what to expect but the more time I spent with him I realised he was the answer to a lot of my personal neds aswell as proffessional ones. We travelled to Kenya, Egypt, India, Nepal and Sudan on crazy adventures to see some of the poorest people on the planet. It didn't take long for me to realise how spoit the western world is. I came back from each trip a little different. With a new perspective. I knew I had to make this into a feature and get as many people as possible to see it. I was extremely fortuate and now I feel it is my duty to spread AShid (my subject) message. 'In helping others lies the true significance of living'.

The drama and arch of the story revolves around Ashid's realization that he isn't getting any younger and after 30 years he needs to find some way of making his society survive after he is gone. After being a humble man who did very little self promotion he now realizes he must bring a new generation into the mix so when he is gone it won't all fall away. That is were I come in. Together we are taking his message to the world from the point of view of some one who at first had no really understanding of what he was talking about to now dedicating what has been 2 years of my life on fulfilling what I believe to be my duty or calling if you like.

WOW!! I really can rant on about this project.

Long story short (kind of) .. that's what I am doing at the moment. We have one shoot left in Cambodia and possibly another in The Dominican Republic. I'll be at Hot Docs in Toronto at the end of the month trying to learn the pitching process and aiming to meet the people who can help get this story out to the world.

I look forward to interacting with fellow passionate documentary filmmakers here at The D-Word. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions for you all. I also look forward to researching some of your films so I can pick your brains even more about specifics. This site is just what I need. Wish I had found it sooner.


Doug Block

Great to have you here, Graeme. Like with Ariel, feel free to sign up for full membership here ...

Doug Block

Regan, it's really great to have enthusiastic, fresh young blood infusing The D-Word. So jump right in to any forum without hesitating. We'll all be the better for it. And that goes for everyone who's registered recently or lurking out there in the dark. We simply don't exist without your posts. No questions too unenlightened. No sharing of experience we don't welcome wholeheartedly.

Regan Brashear

Thanks for sharing that, Doug, (I especially liked that part about being referred to as a "young" blood). =)

It can seem intimidating to chime in with questions and thoughts sometimes, but I'll give it a go! I'm sure I'll have lots of unenlightened quandaries to pose along the way that may, if nothing else, amuse the wiser, more experienced ones among us. Maybe they'll take pity on me and share some insights...? ;)

Thanks to Mikal Jakubal for getting me on here!

Christopher Wong

hey regan, you must know Renee Tajima-Pe̱a pretty well, yes? she's my Executive Producer for my film WHATEVER IT TAKES. Renee was a big help to me (and continues to be) Рhopefully, you've been able to get some good documentary instruction from her...

Regan Brashear

Hi Chris, That's great Renee is your Executive Producer. I did get to know Renee well and learned a great deal from her. What a fabulous woman and gifted filmmaker/storyteller! Your film sounds really interesting, by the way. Sounds like an incredible journey making it too.

Mike Thomas

Hi everyone. I'm really pleased to have found this site and looking forward to connecting with other documentary filmmakers.

I'm fairly new to the industry, having been thrown in at the deep end on a project in Thailand about AIDS orphans. The children are from a small rural village and are preparing to take part in an opera in Bangkok. They are being taught by an American composer and musician and filming has been on-going for the last 18 months.

My biggest concern at the moment is to do with releases. I know there is plenty of information available on the subject but it isn't always very clear. I have full permission to film the children, but there are obviously countless other adults appearing throughout the film. I understand that everyone who is interviewed must sign a release. What I'm less sure about is other people who appear in the shot.

When I speak to Americans they always say that everyone should sign a release. It's obviously easy to say than to carry out. Europeans seems to be less strict and concentrate on those being interviewed. I know that Thailand is not a litigious society compared to America – is this a factor a distributor or broadcaster will take into account if people haven't signed?

We're all looking forward to the big performance in July and then we can start to edit.

Hope to get to know you guys!!