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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word, Simone, Shuibo, Nick...

Adam Lichtenstein

Greetings and Thanks for welcoming me into The D-Word. My name is Adam Lichtenstein and I am an Avid and Final Cut Pro Editor of features, commercials (web, too) and documentaries (TV news docs, reality, and theatrical). My most recent project was for HBO about the late great 70s character actor John Cazale called I KNEW IT WAS YOU. It's making its tour of film festivals, having recently been at Sundance where it was in the Documentary Spotlight program. It's a great little gem and particular favorite of film people. I hope you all enjoy. Again, thanks for inviting me into The Discussion. Warmly, Adam L.

Doug Block

A warm welcome to Simone and Adam. Good to have you both here and leaping in.

Ben Kempas

I saw I KNEW IT WAS YOU at Sundance and really liked it. Welcome, Adam!

Ruby Yang

Hi everyone,
This is Ruby Yang from Beijing, my home/work base for the last 5 years. Relocated from San Francisco in 2004, I am still fascinated by Beijing and the rest of China.
Thomas Lennon, my colleague has been telling me about this site. Glad I am now part of this professional community.