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John Burgan

Given the sort of material you are thinking of using, it would seem imperative that you speak to a lawyer.

Nick Verbitsky

Thanks John. In order to get the Fair Use insurance I mentioned, I must have a statement from a lawyer attesting to the veracity of the claim....Was just wondering if there was anyone w/a shared experience who could give me some guidance.

John Burgan

Hopefully you'll get some more feedback from the D-Word.

In the interim, Richard Lee is a longstanding member of our community and well versed in these issues. I haven't used him myself, but many colleagues here can attest to his competence in this area.

Shuibo Wang

Hello dear documentary colleagues!
I'm Shui-bo Wang, a Montreal based filmmaker and I also teach at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, as a visiting professor. My animated autobiographical documentary Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999. I made two other documentaries titled Swing in Beijing and They Chose China, and currently working on a couple of documentary feature film projects both in Canada and China.

Simone Francis

Hi, My name is Simone and I started a project a few years ago-
If anyone is interested in helping out with an upcoming documentary in the Ecuadorian Amazon very soon, I´ve just posted info about it in the public classified section. I´m always open to help with all other areas of the project too ;)

Ben Kempas

Welcome to The D-Word, Simone, Shuibo, Nick...

Adam Lichtenstein

Greetings and Thanks for welcoming me into The D-Word. My name is Adam Lichtenstein and I am an Avid and Final Cut Pro Editor of features, commercials (web, too) and documentaries (TV news docs, reality, and theatrical). My most recent project was for HBO about the late great 70s character actor John Cazale called I KNEW IT WAS YOU. It's making its tour of film festivals, having recently been at Sundance where it was in the Documentary Spotlight program. It's a great little gem and particular favorite of film people. I hope you all enjoy. Again, thanks for inviting me into The Discussion. Warmly, Adam L.