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Thomas Lennon

James, Doug, Andy: Thanks for those greetings and all those good words. I'm actually writing from True/False FF, where "Tongzhi in Love" is playing. We were short-listed for the Academy Awards, so we had a v. good shot at a nomination (8 films on the shortlist) but we didn't make the cut. now we're sending around to FF. The 30 minute length makes that hard. I love that length – as a viewer, I love watching shorter work, esp for documentary – but to market it is really tough.

Doug Block

Market it? You pick up the phone and say "Sheila darling, how are ya?"

Jack Trau

hi my name is Jack and i am living in israel and going to try to work on ideas for making docs here and about this area. i hope it all works out and hope to make a doc on skydiving as well.

Brett Story

Hi everyone,
My name is Brett Story, I'm a documentary filmmaker and journalist recently relocated to brooklyn from montreal. I'm currently working on a film about the paralysis of petrochemical workers in an industrial city south of Toronto in response to a major epidemic of cancers – a study, really, in post-industrialization and alienation.... I'm also working on a series of experimental super8 docs about cities. some of them are up at anyway, great to be here, and looking forward to getting to know the forum....