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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Pierre Samuel Rioux

Hi, my name is Pierre Samuel Rioux, do not expecting a perfect English from me... i am a French Canadian native.
This is my project i am working on.
Guédelon le chantier médiéval.
I am a Quebecer but i shot this film in France... It's about a group of man and women building a 13e century castle today the way they do it at this time. The doc have 50 minutes running time. I like to follow this adventure and try to find the way to do a kind of co production.The first one it's made and it's in the final post.
This is wy i am here, i am also a member and
a member this one is about people how using Russian lens lomo and Camera.

Jonathan Archer

I'm Jonathan Archer and I work for ITVS. My colleagues held a special week-long conference last year, and it's archived on this site. If you haven't searched it for info, I strongly suggest you do. In the pursuit of broadening our services to the community, however, I'm experimenting with going the other way – instead of a forum, just 140 characters. If you're on Twitter, or know people who are, point them to @jonathanITVS. I'm no official spokesperson, but will be looking to provide timely and (necessarily!) brief responses to queries to help filmmakers on their way. It's the dialogue that counts. Hope you find this a useful experiment. See you on Twitter!

Geoff Feinberg

Hello All,
I have been happily strolling through this pretty fabulous site for the past couple weeks and have already gained a lot (shoot wide open on digital cameras!).
High time I introduced myself. I'll do it like an AA meeting.
I'm geoff feinberg and I'm a long time lover of documentary. During the day I work as a freelance editor (last worked on marshall curry's latest doc as an ast. editor), but during the night I'm scheming away putting my own docs together. At the moment one of the things I'm working on is getting the guts to make a self funded, one man crew shoot in India. Takes a lot of balls and risk (doubly so to do it on ones own dime). But thats what this is all about, eh?
Happy to be here and join discussions.

Doug Block

Good to have you aboard and finally posting, Geoffrey. I'm trying to remember where on the 51B extras I mentioned The D-Word. Must be really getting old.

Matthew Ryan Cortese

I am happy to have found out about this website. My name is Matthew Cortese I am about to graduate from film school. My focus is on editing Documentaries. I just finished a short film on my father who is a muralist in Northwest Indiana, it is called Pete's Portrait. I am currently working on another short doc about a director of an improve troupe. I was currious as if there are distribution outlets for short docs?

Tristan Dyer

Greetings D-Word,
I just found out about this site, and I am really enjoying it. I'm also pretty new to the business having just graduated college and am in the process of looking for work in Boston. In this search for employment I have encountered the need for a website with my video work on it. I have videos on Current but I would like something that I can update frequently sort of like a blog. I have a site, that only showcases my photography that I would like to replace with video. Any kind of HTML template suggestions so I don't have to buy flash would be really helpful. Thanks for D-Word and good luck with your projects folks.

Steven Boe

We're brand new to this site having come across it from We've been filmmakers for many years. Our latest film is a blend of animation and documentary entitled "Mythic Journeys" it stars Tim Curry, Mark Hamill & Lance Henriksen and features interviews with Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith and many others. You can view a trailer at the site below. We look forward to getting to know all of you on the boards.

Steven & Whitney Boe
Imaginal Cells FIlmWorks
Los Angeles