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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Piero Menor

My name is Piero Menor, from Madrid, Spain. I have just moved to NYC to find a position in the industry.
I´ve been working a lot during the last years in different non-proffesional projects including a documentary about my road trip around the USA. I also directed a tv show which was awarded with an Emmy to the Best Student Production.I am willing to work as soon as possible in NYC, and if its something very interesting, its posible even to work for free. Nice to meet you all.

Suree Towfighnia

Greetings documentars,
I'm returning to d-word after a little hiatus and am happy to be among so many hard working professionals. I'm in Chicago now, but coming soon to a city near you.
If anyone is connected to events with social justice entertainment, look me up. I'm working on some things in Chicago, Arizona, California, NY with musicians/artists/activists/filmmakers...and would love to connect with people in other cities.
Also, we have a feature that aired on POV and ran the festival circuit, "Standing Silent Nation", if anyone has any educational outreach connections (university/high schools), we would love to hear from you.
Thanks and hope to connect soon, suree

Doug Block

Greetings back at ya, Suree, and welcome to you, Piero and Robin. Connect away.

Monica Williams

Hello everyone!

I'm re-introducing myself as I've been away for quite some time. I've been busy with some grant writing projects.

I have worked for the last few years developing a film based on the work of philosopher Susan Neiman and have recently finished a full-length film based on an interview with the author as she explains the concepts of her book Evil in Modern Thought. This was made following a request from a philosophy professor looking to teach her work and I'm now adding some finishing touches and hoping to distribute to philosophy professors and students. I am raising funds to make a film for a general audience which will use other philosophers, historians etc. and will focus on the meaning and relevance of Hannah Arendt's phrase "the banality of evil."

I am also beginning work on a film about Detroit's move toward urban gardening. I hope to show this in a larger context by focusing on the global food industry and the benefits of localized food production. I also hope to show some of the universal issues of a post-industrial city undergoing eco-friendly transformations. I will most likely be posting on this film as I have the one above pretty much figured out (at least I like to thing so :-)

I'm looking forward to jumping back into this wonderful community!

Barry Baldwin

Hi to all,

I'm not (yet) a film maker nor work in the industry however I am taking evening courses with the intention of applying to a documentary film program here in Vancouver.

Doug Block

Welcome back, Monica. You've clearly been a busy (and productive) one. Nice to know you'll finally be jumping in and posting. Hope it becomes a nasty habit.

Good luck with your doc studies, Barry.

Brendan Cusack

Hello all,

Just wanted to say a quick hello. I was looking up the previous projects of an editor and in googling I came upon the d-word. I can't believe I haven't been here before; this looks amazing!

I am a documentary editor myself having worked on two different socially conscious projects in the past few years. (When I Came Home & Skid Row.) I learned a lot from working on them and can't wait for the next feature length project. Check out the links below if you wish and hello again!

Ben Kempas

Hi Brendan, we're delighted to have you on board.

Having been busy for a couple of days, I've just been swept away by a flood of new members here. What's happening?