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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Jennie Stenhouse

Hi Everyone My name is Jennie Stenhouse and all though I come from a Computer science background I have found my self and my calling in documentary film. I am currently working my first job in the industry as an editor, camera chick and production assistant but long to do my own films ( I have a couple of my own projects i am tinkering away on ) . I found the sight through docu-link I to am looking forward to learning sharing and being an active member of the community.

Nilankur Das

Hello, this is nilankur, work in a new media studio We provide online space to showcase, promote and cross pollinate ideas of film makers of SE Asia, Middle East and Africa. Hope to have a meaningful alliance with like minded friends/Film Makers.

Gerard Laplante

Hello, this is Gerry and I am currently working on my first doc, about an extraordinary self-taught artist from Birmingham Alabama. I learned about the d-word through doculink, and look forward to participating in the community.

Doug Block

Really, it's coming fast and furious, and great to have you all here with us!

Hannah Patterson

Hi all,

I'm a UK-based documentary maker and film journalist. I have been working on a documentary about environmental racism in a community living around oil refineries in Texas independently for 5 years, and recently won Best Short Pitch at BRITDOC festival and money towards completion of the film. Myself and the director (photographer Zed Nelson) are trying to get funding to complete post-production to meet our April deadline so I've gone the IndieGoGo route. If anyone has any great blogger leads from people who'd be interested to know more about the topic, I'd gratefully hear them.

More info on the film and a three minute trailer at:


John Burgan

Hannah, with your credentials you're welcome to apply for full membership of the D-Word, which will give you access to all the members-only topics.

Joshua Koffman

Hi there- found out about you guys from doculink. I'm a freelance television documentary director/producer/writer (Discovery, Nat Geo, TLC, etc.) who also produces indie docs on the side.

Sarah Switek

Hello, My name is Sarah and I am a senior at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. I am working on a senior project which has developed into a documentary on people living with and/or affected by breast cancer. This will be my first documentary so I am a little unexperienced but I am also very excited. Anyone have any tips?